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At Science in Sport, we’re committed to research, testing, and certification. By working with the elite athlete community, we create performance-driven products that meet your nutritional needs and support your training goals. 

Our products are widely trusted across the globe, helping ambitious athletes from a wide range of disciplines to take their training to the next level. Through our world-leading and relentless research, we formulate products that will truly impact your performance.

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  1. BETA Recovery
    BETA Recovery Dual Source Recovery Drink
    From £20.00
    Member £18.00
  2. REGO Rapid Recovery
    REGO Rapid Recovery Complete recovery product
    From £20.00
    Member £18.00
  3. REGO Clear Recovery
    REGO Clear Recovery An everyday light and refreshing recovery drink
    From £25.00
    Member £22.50
  4. REGO Whey Protein
    REGO Whey Protein A convenient way to increase your protein intake
    From £25.00
    Member £22.50
  5. Beta Fuel Gels
    Beta Fuel Gels Optimised by a new 1:0.8 ratio of carbohydrates
    From £14.00
    Member £12.60
  6. GO Isotonic Energy Gels
    GO Isotonic Energy Gels The world's first isotonic energy gel
    From £10.50
    Member £9.45
  7. Beta Fuel 80
    Beta Fuel 80 80g of carbohydrate in a single, convenient format
    From £42.00
    Member £37.80
  8. Beta Fuel Energy Chews
    Beta Fuel Energy Chews 46g of carbohydrates in a chew format
    From £2.70
    Member £2.43
  9. Triple GO Electrolyte Bundle
    Triple GO Electrolyte Bundle
    Member £32.40
  10. Hydro Tablets
    Hydro Tablets Optimum hydration in a convenient format
    From £8.00
    Member £7.20
  11. GO Electrolyte Powder
    GO Electrolyte Powder Advanced formulation delivering carbohydrates and electrolytes
    From £13.50
    Member £12.15
  12.  Creatine - 400g (Unflavoured)
    Creatine - 400g (Unflavoured) Increases physical performance
    Member £20.70
  13. GO Energy Bakes - 12 Pack
    GO Energy Bakes - 12 Pack 2 to 1 carbohydrate ratio in a soft filled bake
    From £24.00
    Member £21.60