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Whether you are a seasoned runner or finding your feet for the first time, running nutrition is essential to helping you get more out of your running and enjoy yourself in the process.

Our expert nutritionists know that nutrition for running is as much about when you eat as what you eat. All Science in Sport products are Informed-Sport certified and used by elite athletes around the world. They have powered our athletes to podiums at Big City Marathons, International success and even World Records.

Explore the same range as our elite runners, like World Marathon Champion Gotytom Gebreselase, British Olympian Steph Davies and Moroccan Olympian, Mohamed Reda El Aaraby. Find out why they trust the world’s number one endurance nutrition brand to fuel their training through our running hub and learn about how you can unlock more with help from our running guides and articles.


  1. GO Energy + Caffeine Gels
    GO Energy + Caffeine Gels
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  2. GO Electrolyte Powder
    GO Electrolyte Powder
    From £13.50
  3. Hydro Tablets
    Hydro Tablets
    From £8.00
  4. Beta Fuel + Nootropics Gels
    Beta Fuel + Nootropics Gels
    From £16.00

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Nutrition is something that can often be overlooked by runners. That’s why we’ve developed a range of products, including the world’s first isotonic energy gel, SiS GO Isotonic Energy that is proven to help you run faster and further for longer. What’s more, research has shown that carbohydrate ingestion in the form of a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution in the first hour of running exercise, in comparison to just consuming water alone, can delay time to fatigue by 15 minutes. Taking on carbohydrates during your run could be the key to cracking that long-awaited marathon PB!

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