Energy Bars

Our handy GO Energy bars provide a boost of carbohydrate for fueling before or after training and races. Our bars come in a range of flavours to cover every taste, including red berry, chocolate fudge, and apple and blackcurrant. We have launched a GO Energy + Protein bar containing extra protein to provide a boost and to help maintain and support muscle growth and maintenance. Our Energy bars are hand rolled and made from natural fruit ingredients, making them moist, delicious and great as a snack or as an energy boost. Our products also include options for vegetarian diets and have no added sugar - just naturally occurring sugars from fruit!

Grab a SiS bar

Our bars provide a practical and nutritious approach to gain carbohydrates during exercise. Why not try our mixed bar bundle? This option is perfect for those who are unsure of their favourite flavour just yet and want to try them all! With five different flavours and 27g of carbohydrates packed into each bar, you can conveniently address your fatigue levels.

SiS energy bakes

Our popular soft filled bakes are an easy to eat option with all the performance benefits of carbohydrate fueling. We’ve packed 30 grams of carbohydrate into a delicious bake (with a fruit centre providing 10g of fructose) to delay the onset of fatigue. We recommend consuming 1-2 bars per hour during prolonged exercise. You can even take our bakes with other SiS products to meet hourly carbohydrate requirements. Just pop our bars and bakes into your jersey pockets, cycle bags and waist packs for an easy boost!

The Feed Station

Our sports nutrition blog, The Feed Station , has plenty of insightful information about training, fuelling guides and our popular products. You can even filter by your chosen sporting discipline for a truly specialised experience. Keep pushing your performance with SiS!
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4 Products

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  1. Beta Fuel Energy Chew
    Beta Fuel Energy Chew
    2 Flavours
    From £26.40
    Save 40%
    From £44.00
  2. GO Energy Bar Mini - 30 Pack
    GO Energy Bar Mini - 30 Pack
    2 Flavours
    From £23.40
    Save 40%
    From £39.00
  3. SiS GO Energy Bar Mini 40g 30 Pack Banana Fudge
    GO Energy Bar Mini Banana Fudge - 30 Pack
    Save 40%
    Special Price £23.40 Was £39.00
  4. GO Energy Bakes - 12 Pack
    GO Energy Bakes - 12 Pack
    4 Flavours
    From £12.60
    Save 40%
    From £21.00