Vegan Supplements

Find vegan protein powder, vitamins, energy gels and more in our range of vegan supplements. With a wide selection of high-quality products suitable for a vegan diet, vegan-friendly sports nutrition has never been so easy. SiS can help you enhance your performance and reach your goals while on a plant-based diet.

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  1. Beta Fuel Gels
    Beta Fuel Gels Optimised by a new 1:0.8 ratio of carbohydrates
    From £14.00
    Member £12.60
  2. Beta Fuel Energy Chews
    Beta Fuel Energy Chews 46g of carbohydrates in a chew format
    From £2.70
    Member £2.43
  3. Beta Fuel + Nootropics Gels
    Beta Fuel + Nootropics Gels Physical and mental power output
    From £16.00
    Member £14.40
  4. SiS Immune - 8 Pack (Orange)
    SiS Immune - 8 Pack (Orange) Low calorie rehydration drink with vitamin C and Iron
    Member £54.00
  5. Hydro + Caffeine - Cola - 8 Pack
    Hydro + Caffeine - Cola - 8 Pack Optimum hydration and mental stimulation in a convenient format
    Member £54.00
  6. PROTEIN20 Bar - 12 pack
    PROTEIN20 Bar - 12 pack Vegan friendly protein on the go
    From £32.99
    Member £29.69
  7. 800ml SiS Pro Yellow Cycling Bottle
    Pro Yellow Bottle - 800ml Use in the gym or out on the road
    Member £4.50
  8. 600ml SiS Cycling Drinks Bottle - Wide Neck
    Wide Neck Water Bottle - 600ml Pre-marked powder levels for easy measuring
  9. 800ml SiS Cycling Drinks Bottle - Narrow Neck
    Bottle - 800ml Standard diameter fits in bicycle water bottle cages
    Member £4.50
  10. 700ml SiS Protein Shaker
    Shaker Bottle - 700ml Integrated measuring scale for accurate dispensing
    Member £4.50
    Out of stock
  11.  Creatine - 400g (Unflavoured)
    Creatine - 400g (Unflavoured) Increases physical performance
    Member £20.70
  12. Rest+ capsules are designed to promote sleep and recovery. Including 30 days supply this is for night time support.
    Rest+ Capsule Proven to increase total sleep time by up to 30 minutes
  13. BCAA supports muscle growth and promotes recovery. Suggested use of 4 per day with each tub having 120 tablets giving you a 30 days supply.
    BCAA tablets - 120x Packed into a convenient capsule format
    10% Off
    £13.49 Was £14.99
    Out of stock
  14. Daily multivitamin has 7 essential vitamins and minerals with key benefits of reducing tiredness and fatigue and supports the immune system. Each tub contains 60 tablets with a suggested use of 1 per day.
    Daily Multivitamin
    10% Off
    £5.39 Was £5.99
  15. Hydro + Caffeine - Cola
    Hydro + Caffeine - Cola
    Member £7.20

Vegan Products

Plant Based Power

Take our GO Energy Powder for example - a versatile and easily digestible supply of carbohydrate for energy, designed to be used as a loading strategy in the days and hours prior to a race. This practical solution is suitable for vegan diets and is also dairy, wheat, gluten and nut free!

Our Isotonic Energy Gels were the world’s first of their kind and are another great vegan sports nutrition option, allowing you to get easy-to-digest carbohydrates without the liquid volume that often leaves you feeling bloated and sluggish.
Our products aren’t just clever, they’re tasty too! Our flavours include chocolate and salted caramel for those with a sweet tooth. Or opt for a fruity treat with lemon, orange or pineapple amongst our many options. Shop our vegan supplements today and take another step towards achieving your sporting goals!


Our energy, hydration and recovery ranges include everything you need to push the boundaries of performance.
Shake it up with our selection of shakers and water bottles, making it easier to get the nutrients you need with our easy mix system. We’re excited to have recently introduced our stylish black stainless steel shaker, boasting a secure, leak proof screw lid and double-walled stainless-steel construction that provides insulation to ensure your shake remains cold and refreshing.


Our sports section is broken down discipline by discipline. Find key nutritional considerations for your chosen sport and the products that will help you to achieve your goals.