Science in Sport muscle recovery supplements are formulated to aid your protein intake, perfect for muscle repair and recovery after intense sessions. Our REGO protein powders and bars contain a combination of ingredients that are fundamental to your body’s recovery and can help drive a quick recovery process

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  1. BETA Recovery
    BETA Recovery Dual source recovery drink
    From £20.00
    Member £18.00
  2. REGO Rapid Recovery
    REGO Rapid Recovery Complete recovery product
    From £20.00
    Member £18.00
  3. REGO Clear Recovery
    REGO Clear Recovery An everyday light and refreshing recovery drink
    From £25.00
    Member £22.50
  4. REGO Whey Protein
    REGO Whey Protein A convenient way to increase your protein intake
    From £25.00
    Member £22.50
  5. PROTEIN20 Bar - 12 pack
    PROTEIN20 Bar - 12 pack Vegan friendly protein on the go
    From £32.99
    Member £29.69
  6. Double Wall Stainless Steel Shaker - 750ml
    Double Wall Stainless Steel Shaker - 750ml Flip-spout lid with carry handle
    Member £9.00
  7. REGO Cherry Juice - 30 Pack
    REGO Cherry Juice - 30 Pack Natural source of antioxidants and melatonin
    Member £36.00
    Out of stock
  8.  Creatine - 400g (Unflavoured)
    Creatine - 400g (Unflavoured) Increases physical performance
    Member £20.70
  9. 700ml SiS Protein Shaker
    Shaker Bottle - 700ml Integrated measuring scale for accurate dispensing
    Member £4.50
    Out of stock
  10. Protein Bars
    Protein Bars A tasty, low sugar high protein bar coated in chocolate
    From £23.09 From £32.99
    30% Off


Why is recovery important?

When you’re training and competing, your muscles use up your glycogen stores to power your efforts, leaving them depleted and in need of replenishment. Additionally, some of the proteins in your body get broken down, leaving your body to repair and rebuild the damage. Our range of muscle repair supplements are an ideal way to get vital protein and carbohydrates onboard post-workout.

Recovery powders and bars

One of our most popular products is our REGO Rapid Recovery Powder, which is formulated using high-quality ingredients geared towards fast and effective recovery. With 22g of carbohydrates and 20g of protein to drive recovery, this recovery powder is best consumed right after your workout to help refill your glycogen stores and prepare your body to go full throttle during your next workout. 

Recovery supplements like REGO powder contain protein, which is directly involved in muscle recovery and rebuilding. What’s more, it comes in three tasty flavours: strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

Science in Sport’s range of convenient shaker bottles are great for a much-needed recovery shake after your workout. Our bottles have a patented mesh insert that is proven to mix powders with ease without leaving you with lumpy fluid, plus  a handy integrated measuring scale on the side of the bottle. Our range of shaker bottles now includes our premium stainless steel shaker, available in a stylish matt black.

Our on-the-go Protein20 bars make it easy to ensure your body gets the adequate amount of protein in your diet. Dairy free, vegan, and low in sugar, our bars are a great alternative high-protein snack option to aid muscle rebuild and recovery. 

How long does it take your body to recover after a workout?

REGO Recovery Powders are designed to be consumed within 30 minutes after a training session. They’re an easy and convenient way to replenish your body’s energy stores and promote muscle recovery after exercise. Simply mix with water in one of our protein shakers and enjoy! You’ll find a wide range ofrecovery supplementson our site to suit all dietary requirements and training routines.

How can Science in Sport support my training goals?

Here at Science in Sport, it’s our mission to help you to reach and exceed your fitness goals through our range of expertly curated sports nutrition products. From effective energy supplements to our high-quality hydration products, you’ll find everything you need to support and enhance your fitness journey.

If you’re looking for expert advice on which sports nutrition products are best suited to your requirements, contact us today to find out more.

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