Protein Bars

Our protein bars are specially formulated to support muscle growth and recovery, with 20g of high quality protein in a convenient and tasty snack. Containing easily digestible proteins whey, soya and casein, our protein bars are perfect for a post training protein boost or a snack in between meals. Used this way, you can replace your unhealthy snack habit and satisfy your cravings with a healthy, low sugar bar.

Benefits of protein bars include:

  • 20g of protein
  • Low in sugar
  • Convenient snack to satisfy cravings
  • High quality protein blend
  • Good for bone health
  • Supports muscle growth and recovery
  • FAQs

    Can protein bars help weight loss?
    If you use protein bars as a replacement for unhealthy snacks, and this helps you go into a calorie deficit, then yes! Naturally, this would depend on the rest of your diet but they can be a helpful way to offset cravings without decimating your calorie intake for the day.
    When should I eat protein bars?
    We recommend consuming your protein bar either post workout or in between meals in order to get the most benefits from the protein boost.
    Are protein bars good for breakfast?
    Having a protein bar for breakfast is a popular option for those who need an on-the-go snack or those who want to supplement their nutritious breakfast with a protein boost. They can fill you up and boost your energy for the day ahead, but we always recommend food as your diet priority.
    How many can I eat in one day?
    You shouldn’t eat more than two a day.
    Are protein bars fattening?
    Just like anything else, if they are pushing you into a calorie surplus.

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    1. protein bar, 20g protein, 0.7g sugar, 12 pack
      PROTEIN20 Bar - 12 pack
      2 Flavours
      From £19.80
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      From £33.00
    2. protein bar, 20g protein, 0.5g sugar, peanut butter and jelly, 12 pack
      PROTEIN20 Bar - Peanut Butter & Jelly - 12 pack
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    3. Protein Bar - 20 Pack
      Protein Bar - 20 Pack
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    4. Recovery Bundle
      Recovery Bundle
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