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At Science in Sport, we’re passionate about delivering world-class performance nutrition. We’re relentlessly researching the latest performance driven solutions, so that we can create products that will help you take your training to the next level.

When you live and breathe your sport, you want a nutrition partner that is as determined as you are. From energy gels to multivitamins, our products are at the forefront of product innovation. For the best available sports nutrition, shop the latest SiS product launches.

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  1. Elite Running Bottle - 400ml
    Elite Running Bottle - 400ml Compact design to fit easily in the hand
    Member £5.85
    Out of stock
  2. Triple GO Electrolyte Bundle
    Triple GO Electrolyte Bundle
    Member £32.40
  3. Protein Bars
    Protein Bars A tasty, low sugar high protein bar coated in chocolate
    From £23.09 From £32.99
    30% Off
  4. Rest+ capsules are designed to promote sleep and recovery. Including 30 days supply this is for night time support.
    Rest+ Capsule Proven to increase total sleep time by up to 30 minutes
  5. Collagen+ designed to support bone and joint health. 30 days of supply to aid collagen formation.
    Collagen+ Supports bone and joint health
    10% Off
    £17.99 Was £19.99
  6. Rest+ juice drink mix is designed to promote sleep and recovery where you can mix as a drink or add to food. Suggested use is 1 juice per day.
    Rest+ Juice Berry - 10 pack Proven to increase total sleep time by up to 30 minutes
    Member £11.25
  7. Beta Fuel 80
    Beta Fuel 80 80g of carbohydrate in a single, convenient format
    From £42.00
    Member £37.80
  8. Beta Fuel + Nootropics Gels
    Beta Fuel + Nootropics Gels Physical and mental power output
    From £16.00
    Member £14.40
  9. Beta Fuel Gels
    Beta Fuel Gels Optimised by a new 1:0.8 ratio of carbohydrates
    From £14.00
    Member £12.60

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 Maximise your performance


Whether you’re training for a competition, working to build strength, get leaner, or striving to reach a new personal best come race season, SiS products strike the right balance between scientific formulations and world-class knowledge. We’ll take care of your energy, hydration and recovery needs, so that you can focus on your performance. 


Trusted by athletes


Designed with endurance in mind, our expert team of sports nutritionists work alongside elite athletes to create tried and tested products. We’re trusted by professional and Olympic athletes in a wide range of sports, training across the world to achieve new records. 


Shop new in SiS products


If you’re looking to transform your training, you need a sports nutrition specialist that truly understands endurance sport. All of our products are Informed Sport certified, which means SiS products are quality assured and widely trusted throughout the sporting industry.


For the latest and most innovative performance nutrition, shop our range of new SiS products today.