Pre Exercise

Pre Workout Gels
Our pre workout gels are a best seller due to their ease of use and fast delivery of carbohydrates for energy during exercise. Ideal for athletes or those in an intense session who don’t want to consume lots of liquids pre workout, allowing them to maintain lightness in the stomach and feel 100% to power through their workout with full intensity. Benefits include:
Easy to digest and a tasty delivery of energy
22g of carbohydrates
87 calories per serving
Highly convenient
Pre Workout Powders
Go Energy Powder is designed to be used as an energy loading pre workout supplement, or mid workout whilst endurance training or competing. With 47g of carbohydrates per serving, you’ll be able to decrease instances of energy loss due to a depletion of energy stores during your workout. This pre workout powder is ideal for those looking for a versatile pre workout, as you can adjust the concentration to suit your needs. Benefits include:
Quick and easily digestible carbohydrate delivery
47g of carbohydrates per serving
Powers you through your high intensity training session or race
189 calories per serving
Energy Bars
Take this energy bar on your workout conveniently tucked in your pocket, and you have a quick carbohydrate boost ready to power you through your high intensity training session. What’s more, this energy boosting snack is made from natural fruit ingredients, and contains 4.5g of protein. It's an ideal pre workout snack, and delivers a high concentration of carbs alongside a nutritious selection of ingredients, perfect for the diet conscious athlete looking to excel. Benefits include:
26g of carbohydrates
4.5g of protein
Convenient size
Low in fat
Performance Nitrate
Our performance nitrate supplements come in powders, gels, bars and shots. Nitrate supplementation pre workout improves muscle efficiency by reducing the oxygen cost of exercise. This product is designed to help you go harder and faster for longer, perfect for an endurance workout or intense training session. Benefits include:
Comes in various formats so you can choose what’s most convenient
Improves exercise efficiency
High in carbohydrates
Tasty and refreshing flavours
What are pre workouts?
Pre workout supplements are designed with ingredients to power your training sessions, usually containing carbohydrates or other ingredients which provide an energy boost. Some may contain protein to help muscle recovery or caffeine to help reduce your perceived effort and power through the toughest moments.
What are the benefits of pre workouts?
Pre workouts can really push you when you need it the most. They are ideal for those moments when you want to smash your personal bests or when you’re feeling a little depleted in terms of energy. Ever tried to hit the gym after a long day of work? A pre workout can help lift your energy levels and help you blast your workout.
How long do pre workouts last?
This depends on the product that you use and the concentration of stimulants in that product. You might feel the effects of the pre workout up to 6 hours after supplementing.
When should I take my pre workouts?
Around 30 - 60 minutes prior to your workout is recommended.

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