Hydration Tablets

Our hydration tablets are perfectly formulated to ensure you are fully hydrated in order to produce your very best performance. Hydro tablets meet a specific sodium concentration scientifically proven to hydrate you more efficiently than water. Just drop one tablet into your water bottle and you’re ready to go!

Benefits of hydro tablets:

  • High in sodium to effectively hydrate
  • Only 9 calories per serving
  • 300mg electrolytes
  • Easy and convenient
  • Refreshing tastes
  • 75mg of caffeine to boost mental and physical performance

  • FAQs

    What do hydration tablets do? Hydration tablets are also called electrolyte tablets because that is what they contain. Sodium is an electrolyte and it’s what your body needs to stay hydrated. During intense workouts, it’s important to stay adequately hydrated so that you can perform to your maximum both mentally and physically. Our hydro tabs contain virtually no calories, making them an effective and convenient way to maintain hydration without compromising on nutritional goals. How often should I take hydration tablets? We recommend consuming 500ml 3-4 hours prior to your event or training session, and then between 250-500ml more in the hours before starting. Don’t take more than four tablets a day. What do hydration tablets taste like? They come in various flavours, so you don’t have to worry about them tasting salty. You can choose from lemon and berry - both deliciously refreshing when mixed with ice cold water. Is caffeine good before a workout? Numerous studies show that caffeine before a workout can improve performance by providing a physical and mental boost.

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      GO Hydro - Single
      6 Flavours
      From £7.00
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      Hydro Tablets - 8 Pack
      6 Flavours
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      Hydro & Immune Bundle
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      Hydro Tablets - 3 Pack
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      GO Hydro (Berry)
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      Hydro (Pink Grapefruit)