Electrolyte Powders

Our electrolyte powders are specially formulated to keep you adequately hydrated with electrolytes (like sodium) and energise you with additional carbohydrates.
Benefits of GO Electrolyte Powders:

  • Electrolytes that provide optimum hydration, supporting you in reaching your best performance levels
  • Carbohydrates to deliver energy and fuel your workout
  • Protects against cramp
  • Improve performance and delay exercise induced fatigue

  • FAQs
    How do electrolyte powders work?
    You know you’ve had a great workout when you seriously break a sweat, but the more you sweat, the more electrolytes lost. Electrolyte powders work to replenish your body with essential minerals such as sodium, in order to help you maintain peak performance levels.
    When should I use electrolyte powders?
    We recommend that you drink 500ml every 45-60 minutes of exercise.
    Which electrolyte powder is best?
    Our electrolyte powder contains carbohydrates, which is a powerful mixture if you want to improve performance levels and reduce the onset of fatigue. This is the best type of electrolyte powder for those looking to reach peak performance and smash their goals.
    Does electrolyte powder have calories?
    Our electrolyte powder only contains 146 calories per serving.

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