We are facing fear and uncertainty in 2020 given the COVID-19 pandemic and its major effect on the economy. We are seeing a global explosion of anger at discrimination against black and ethnic people, triggered by the brutal murder of George Floyd. There is fear about job losses, poverty and discrimination. Anxiety and stress are triggering mental illness for many people.

The challenges are immense. As CEO of Science in Sport I believe we have to take action. If all of us and all organisations take small steps forward, we can start to change things for the better.

To all our everyday and elite athletes, ambassadors and partners across the world, I commit that our PhD Nutrition and Science in Sport businesses will do more to support equality and diversity. We will not tolerate racism in any form. We will reflect that in everything we do, from our communications, to the ambassadors and athletes we work with, and the sports teams and organisations we support.

This week you will start to see all our communications reflect the diversity of our everyday and elite athletes. Over the coming weeks you will start to see more ambassadors and athletes from BAME communities. Over the coming months you will see us become involved in long-term sports programmes to support black and minority athletes.

As a CEO I need to do more. For our PhD and SiS team and for the wider community of everyday and elite athletes and ambassadors that we have the privilege of serving. For sports communities and athletes that are not given a fair chance. There is too much fear and discrimination in our world. If we all commit to small, meaningful and long-lasting positive changes, we can make a difference. Hold me accountable, please.

Stephen Moon CEO, Science in Sport PLC

We are proud to support the Diversity In Cycling report. This is a collaborative grass roots project with contributions from over sixty riders from black and Asian backgrounds. The report focuses primarily on cycling clubs, but has lessons that are relevant for all of us in the sport of cycling.

Click the link below to read the Diversity in Cycling report. Diversity In Cycling

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