Triathlon Supplements and Nutrition

Whether you decide to tackle a sprint or middle-distance triathlon it’s important to have both your training and nutrition needs met.



No matter what distance of Triathlon you decide to tackle, don't let all your hard work in training go to waste with a poor nutritional or fuelling strategy.

Your triathlon nutrition will be make or break when it comes to not just surviving the swim, bike and run, but actually enjoying the event when race day comes. Not to mention being able to train without fatigue.

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Designed to help you fuel before and during training. We provide a range of endurance supplements for athletes, including gels, bars, and powders.

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Recovery starts as soon as you finish. Known as the ‘training window’, which lasts up to 30 minutes post exercise.

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Starting exercise in a hydrated state can kick-start your performance, helping you to maintain hydration throughout an event. Hydration supplements can help to boost your performance and ensure that you stay optimally hydrated.

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The more active you are, the more protein you need in your diet to help rebuild and prevent muscle breakdown.

Achieving The Work/Training Balance

Life can be a balancing act, whether it be work, family or friends. let alone trying to tick off consistent, strong training. Eloise Du Luart shares tips to ensure you stay healthy whilst working on getting closer to your sporting goals.

Triathlon Nutrition Guide

Our helpful triathlon nutritionguide is designed to help you prepare, perform and recover from your training and races, from sprint to middle distance triathlons.


GO Electrolyte Powders

Endurance athletes need to stay hydrated while keeping energy stores up.

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GO Isotonic Energy Gel

Energy gels are a convenient way to boost your carbohydrate intake during endurance exercise. Our world-famous Isotonic Energy Gels are carefully designed to digest quickly and easily.

  • Truly isotonic formulation - no need for water
  • 22 grams of carbohydrates per gel
  • Convenient easy-to-take format