Too many people overlook post-exercise nutrition, our REGO recovery range is designed to aid your body’s recovery process so you can go again, and again.

REGO Clear Recovery Powder

A light and refreshing clear whey recovery drink designed to help you to refuel and repair your body after exercise.

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REGO Whey Protein Powder

A premium whey protein powder to support muscle growth and maintenance after less intense sessions.

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REGO Rapid Recovery Powder

A vegan friendly recovery solution that delivers carbohydrates and protein, as well as vitamins and minerals, in a convenient drink for consumption immediately after exercise.

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The Science


Protein Explained


Muscle Protein Synthesis, the process of producing new muscle protein, is an important component of how the body ultimately maintains and builds muscle and provides the basis of how our muscle adapts to exercise.


How long does it take for your body to recover after exercise?

Depending on the nature of your workout, it can take your muscles up to 24 hours to recover. A more intense workout may take longer! Getting your macronutrients is key, alongside quality rest and recovery time. Some key steps for good recovery after an intense session include focusing on your protein intake, getting a good night’s sleep and ensuring adequate hydration.

Should I consume carbohydrates as part of my recovery?

To be ready for your next session, make sure you refuel with carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen stores. 1.2g of carbohydrate per kg of bodyweight is a strong amount to aim for.

Our REGO Rapid Recovery powder supplies 22g of carbohydrate per serving, as well as the 20g of protein, therefore a complete option for your recovery.

When should you consume your recovery nutrition?

Often referred to as the ‘anabolic window’, research has shown that the body is more responsive to refuelling and repairing in the immediate 30 minutes post-exercise.

Does sleep impact recovery?

Adequate sleep is critical for recovery during training, particularly when you increase your load, as it’s during rest that the body repairs and strengthens muscles.

Quality sleep of around 7 to 9 hours enhances overall performance, reduces the risk of injury, and supports mental resilience. To help optimise your sleep, establish a consistent sleep schedule, stick to a relaxing bedtime routine, block out light, especially from screens, at least 30 minutes before sleep to promote the production of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin.

Try our Rest+ or REGO Cherry Juice, designed to improve sleep quantity and quality, so that athletes can recover better from training or competing.

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Scientifically superior recovery solution

Dual source recovery powder scientifically formulated for endurance athletes

Scientifically superior recovery solution

Dual source recovery powder scientifically formulated for endurance athletes

Top recovery tips for runners

Tired legs, lack of energy, and injuries, three things every runner dread during a training block. Whether you’re training for a marathon or a 10k race, training hard without sufficient recovery can be detrimental to the consistency of your training schedule. Discover our top tips to help you bounce back.

Improve recovery with better sleep

Sleep is one of the most important factors in the recovery process and is often overlooked. Tart cherries are a natural source of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness.



My favourite product is the REGO Rapid recovery in strawberry flavour. For me it’s an important product because it helps my body to recover after a hard training session. It’s always hard to find a recovery drink which has good taste and is easy to drink and digest.

INEOS Grenadiers

All products are Informed-Sport tested, so for me as a professional athlete that is a really key part, knowing that the products are of high quality and exactly what’s in them is exactly what it says on the packaging.
Eilish McColgan

Elite Runner