SiS X The Feed - FAQs


I recently made a purchase through Scienceinsport.com, what does this mean for my order?

All orders made through scienceinsport.com will be fulfilled before migration over to The Feed begins. If there are any issues with your order, the team at SiS are available to help and advise via: support@scienceinsport.com 

How many Science in Sport products will be available to purchase through The Feed, can I still guarantee access to all my favourite items?

The full range of products currently offered directly through Science in Sport will be available to purchase via TheFeed.com. There are plans to further expand upon this range in the future.

Will I still be able to purchase Science in Sport products via other websites, like Amazon?

Yes, you will still be able to purchase Science in Sport products through third party retailers such as Amazon. The Feed will supply Amazon with the same range of Science in Sport products.

Will Science in Sport product price points change?

The price of our products will be slightly higher, but this is predominantly a result of unavoidable price increases in raw materials, rather than because of the new partnership. We would have had to make these changes had we continued retail through our own website. The Feed will be running frequent promotions on key products in the Science in Sport range, so there will still be plenty of great deals to be had across our key products.

What is ‘feed credit’ and how do I access it?

Feed Credit is cash that you can use on any future order at The Feed. If your Feed account has a positive feed credit balance, you'll see the option to apply the store credit to your order during checkout. Your final price will be automatically reduced by the amount of Feed Credit you have, helping you save money on your favorite SiS products. As a special gift for SiS customers, The Feed is offering $15 of Feed Credit to new customers at https://thefeed.cc/sis-credit .


Will there be any changes to the cost of delivery? 

Yes, there are pricing changes to delivery; however, these are beneficial to the customer.

The Feed offers free standard delivery (3-5 business days) for all orders over $65, and orders under $65 will be charged $7.95. Depending on the zip code, some orders may take up to 7 business days. 

(Currently, Science in Sport offers free delivery (7 business days) for orders over $75, with a delivery charge of $7.99 for all orders under $75).

Will I still have access to details of my previous Science in Sport orders?

Once the migration process has been completed, customers previously shopping through ScienceinSport.com will be unable to access previous orders through their account on The Feed. However, if you are in need of support regarding a previous order made through scienceinsport.com, the team at SiS will remain available at support@scienceinsport.com 

Will delivery times be impacted by the new partnership?

Delivery times are anticipated to be even faster, and depending on the size (check with The Feed) and type/zip code of the order, delivery can be expected in 48-72 hours. Order fulfillment updates should also help to avoid stock-out issues too, allowing for great reliability of product supply.

I’ve got a discount code for Scienceinsport.com, does that mean I can use it via The Feed?

It will not be possible to use existing Science in Sport discount codes via The Feed, as the website does not support these. However, the team at The Feed will be offering ‘Feed Credits’ in way of incentives for new customers, more information of this can be found upon sign up: https://thefeed.com/register 

How do I place my Science in Sport order via The Feed?

Orders can be placed directly through The Feed website. To view the full range of SiS products, visit this link: https://thefeed.com/collections/science-in-sport 

I’ve got a problem with my order via ScienceinSport.com, who should I contact?

Questions about orders made through ScienceinSport.com can be resolved through contact with the team at: support@scienceinsport.com

Questions that concern orders made through TheFeed.com can be resolved through their live help chat or at: hello@thefeed.com 



Is this a brand new partnership for Science in Sport, and is it exclusive?

SiS has worked with the team at The Feed for over five years. The partnership becomes an exclusive one (United States) in February 2023.

Is the partnership only applicable to the US business?

You can purchase Science in Sport via The Feed internationally, but it is only an exclusive partnership in the United States. 

What does the new partnership mean for existing Science in Sport retailers - does it encompass digital, marketplace, and retail channels?

Yes - all B2B orders will be fulfilled by the team at The Feed, including marketplace accounts such as Amazon.

I am an existing Science in Sport retailer, will there be any changes to my stock supply and fulfillment processes?

The Science in Sport stock supply and fulfillment process will remain the same, but it will instead be managed directly through the team at The Feed rather than SEKO. 




I am a Science in Sport sponsored athlete, does this impact my partnership with the brand?

No, any athletes that are currently sponsored by Science in Sport will continue to work with the Science in Sport brand team, which is separate to these retail changes. This means that the point of contact/terms of agreement will remain unchanged.

What do these changes in distribution mean for supply of Informed Sport tested product range?

All Science in Sport products continue to be informed sport certified with a batch number on the product for reference. If an athlete has any questions, contact support@scienceinsport.com and the team will be able to help.

Science in Sport supports my event/club/campaign - how will this impact my partnership with the brand?

No, any partnerships that are currently managed by Science in Sport will continue to be led by the Science in Sport brand team. This means that the point of contact/terms of agreement will remain unchanged.


What is The Feed, and how can I get in touch with them?

The Feed is an online marketplace for sports nutrition and recovery products, and can be found via: TheFeed.com

TheFeed.com offers a live chat service, which provides customers with real time access to the support team. Alternatively, support can be accessed through this email: hello@thefeed.com 

Who is Science in Sport, and how can I get in touch with them?

Science in Sport is the leading global endurance nutrition brand. 

The team at SiS can be reached via: support@scienceinsport.com