No matter what distance you cycle, don't let all your hard training go to waste with a poor nutritional strategy. Your nutrition will be make or break when it comes to not just surviving the miles in the saddle but actually enjoying the event when race day comes. Don't just take our word for it...

As well as insights from our team of expert nutritionists, learn from the INEOS Grenadiers and Legion of LA, as we put together the key nutritional considerations to help you fuel your training days coupled with advice from Grand Tour Winners and World Champions.


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When cycling any distance, nutrition can be key to unlocking your potential and gaining the performance benefits you deserve. At SiS, our team of performance nutritonists have put together cycling nutrition plans to help you understand your fuelling requirements for training and racing so you can perform your best on the bike.
If you're cycling long-distances at a high intensity, SiS Beta Fuel is a complete fuelling solution based on groundbreaking science that challenges previous thinking about high carbohydrate & endurance nutrition – read our Fuel Like the INEOS Grenadiers Guide to discover how to fuel winning performances or for shorter distances, we cover all the basics in our Cycling Nutrition Guide.

Cycling nutrition guideCycling nutrition guide

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