Science in Sport muscle recovery supplements are formulated to aid your protein intake, perfect for muscle repair and recovery after intense sessions. Our powders and bars contain a combination of ingredients that are fundamental to your body’s recovery and can help drive a quick recovery process. 

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  1. REGO Bundle
    Protein Bundle
    €40.60 Was €58.00
    Save 30%
  2. SiS shaker bottle, protein powder shaker, 750ml
    Double Wall Stainless Steel Shaker - 750ml
    Save 23%
    Special Price €7.69 Was €9.99
  3. Rego Rapid Recovery Powders
    Rego Rapid Recovery Powders
    5 Flavours
    From €17.50
    Save 30%
    From €25.00
  4. protein bar, 20g protein, 0.7g sugar, 12 pack
    Protein20 Bars - 12 pack
    3 Flavours
    From €23.10
    Save 30%
    From €33.00