Own your paincave with Turbo+, the world’s first sports nutrition range designed to meet the demands of indoor training. Our Turbo+ sport range is formulated with a cooling menthol blast, and is proven to enhance performance in heat by 5%. The Turbo+ range includes highly effective energy powders that are designed to transform your indoor training.

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Turbo+ Range

The unique blend of carbohydrate and menthol in our Turbo+ sport range is designed to meet in-session fuelling requirements whilst also helping to reduce any increased thermal stress that occurs during indoor turbo training sessions. Shop the range here.

Keep cool during indoor workouts with Turbo+

Exercise capacity and endurance is often reduced in high temperatures due to elevated physiological strain and feelings of thermal discomfort. Our Turbo+ sports supplements are formulated with menthol extract to relieve this discomfort and improve the ability to tolerate heat by reducing thermal perception through the cooling sensation evoked by menthol.  

Boost energy levels and endurance

Turbo+ powder also contains carbohydrates to combat energy depletion during your workout, and is easily mixed in a water bottle or shaker to give you a boost during indoor exercise. Like all our energy powders, our Turbo+ sports powders come in a range of tasty flavours including Cool Citrus and Blueberry Freeze, so you can pick your favourite or sample the range!

Shop the Turbo+ energy range at SiS

Our Turbo+ sports range has been scientifically formulated to deliver the most effective energy boost combined with relief from thermal discomfort during an indoor workout. Shop our entire range of energy supplements to suit any training regime or dietary requirements. You’ll also find a range of high-quality hydration supplements you can combine with our energy supplements to enhance your workout. Discover the benefits of Science in Sport today!

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