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Our simple and effective whey protein is the best option for those looking for a protein supplement designed to support lean muscle growth, maintenance and recovery. Key benefits include:
  • 23g of protein
  • 5g of BCAAs per serving
  • Only 117 calories per serving
  • Vegetarian, gluten free

  • Our overnight protein is the perfect option to help support muscle growth while you sleep. It contains a 50/50 blend of high quality milk protein and whey protein isolate, which provides a slow absorption rate and helps reduce overnight muscle breakdown. Key benefits include:
    Helps deliver continuous supply of protein to the body
  • 26g of milk protein
  • Low in sugar
  • Perfect for heavy gainers

  • FAQs
    What is the best protein for lean muscle?
    Whey protein is often considered the best protein for lean muscle mass due to its high range of amino acids. It contains amino acids that are considered essential, as your body does not create them organically, meaning you have to get them from your diet. This includes the amino acid Leucine, which is thought to ‘turn on’ muscle building at a cellular level.
    What are BCAAs?
    Branched chain amino acids are made up of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. You must get these from your diet as they cannot be produced by your body. They help build muscle mass, reduce muscle fatigue and decrease DOMS.
    When should I take whey protein supplements?
    The standard and extremely popular protein powder we offer is perfect for between meals or immediately after a training session. Our overnight protein is ideal around an hour before bed.
    Can whey protein help with weight loss?
    This depends on your overall diet, but if using our whey protein powder helps maintain a calorie deficit by reducing unhealthy or unhelpful snacking then yes, it can help drive weight loss.
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