Gut Health

Prioritising the health of your gut is a good place to start to avoid time on the sidelines. Studies report that supplementing with probiotics can produce positive effects on performance by increasing your carbohydrate metabolism. 

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3 Products

  1. Pro bio+ powder supports healthy gut function with 5 billion gut friendly cultures. 30 days supply with a suggested use of 1 serving per day.
    Pro Bio+ Powder
  2. Pro bio+ capsules  support healthy gut function. 30 capsules per tub with a suggested use of 1 per day. They are high strength with 42 billion CFU cultures.
    Pro Bio+ Capsule
  3. Pro bio+ gummies support healthy gut function and can improve carbohydrate absorption. 60 gummies in each tub with a suggested use of 2 gummies per day.
    Pro Bio+ Gummies