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PROTEIN 20 Register Interest


Protein is a key nutrient for active individuals, be they endurance, gym, lifestyle or team-sport focused. While carbohydrate intake can often change day-to-day, depending on the workload of that day, protein intake should never be compromised.


PROTEIN20 has been developed as a low sugar, high protein bar. With 20 g of protein per bar it is ideal for snacking throughout the day or post-exercise to support muscle recovery and rebuild muscle.


available in three delicious flavours

1. Vanilla Cheesecake

2. Chocolate Peanut Crunch

3. Double Chocolate Brownie


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• Daily protein requirements are likely to be elevated for those undertaking any exercise programme

• Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and supports bone health

• PROTEIN20 is a healthy, performance focused snack or post-workout option

• Each bar contains 20 g of protein and only 2 g of sugar

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• High protein intake is advised during periods of energy or carbohydrate restriction, to support any weight loss goals while maintaining lean muscle mass


• The combination of exercise and protein feeding supports an increase in mitochondria within the cell


• The mitochondria can be considered the powerhouses of the cell, where carbohydrate and fat are broken down to fuel endurance exercise

protein 20 register interest


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