Champions Season - Kendall Ryan

Kendall RyanKendall Ryan


How did you celebrate? 

Celebrating is always best when it’s shared with friends, teammates and family. Especially when they’re part of a contribution to that win, it’s more special. Good food, drink, music, and dancing is always a great time.

What impact does sports nutrition have on your performance? 

Food = Fuel. To be able to put out high energy I need to be properly fuelled for my workouts and races. Staying hydrated with plenty of electrolytes and recovering promptly with enough protein for the next day is key. I always say you can’t put cheap gas in a Ferrari!

What would you like your legacy to be? 

I’m not sure of it yet, but if I can inspire someone to get on a bike or go to the gym or do something to better themselves and make themselves happy, then I can feel good about that.

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