Vitamins and Supplements

When it comes to endurance sports, we understand that performance is all about fine margins. That’s why we’ve developed a range of high quality performance supplements designed to cover every aspect of your performance requirements. Whether it’s injury prevention, recovery enhancement, time to fatigue or VO2 max, this high quality range of supplements will help you stay one step ahead.



Whether you’re an athlete or not, sleep is incredibly important for overall health and wellness, both physically and mentally. But when you’re physically active, getting a quality amount of sleep is key to your performance and recovery level. Rest+ is available as a concentrated juice to mix into a hot bedtime tea, or convenient capsules. Both are scientifically proven to improve sleep, ensuring you get the rest that you need to recover from intense exercise, and resume at your highest level the next day. 

*Please note we cannot ship Rest+ products to Ireland. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Vitamins & Minerals

Did you know more training days are lost to illness rather than injury? At Science in Sport, we understand that to perform at your best, you need to be in tip top mental and physical shape. As a result, we’ve developed a range of vitamins and minerals that are designed to support improved endurance, a strong immune system and better recovery. All of which allow you to train harder for longer and help you stay fit and well, meaning you can train with the consistency and intensity that you need to improve. 

Omega 3 Fish Oils

Adding Omega 3 fish oils into your supplementation routine can help you perform at your best. These fatty acids play an important role in the body’s recovery following intense endurance training, as they help reduce inflammation throughout the body, including the muscles. Additionally, they increase oxygen delivery to the heart muscle which helps reduce the workload of the heart itself. Ultimately, they’re a great addition to any diet and have a multitude of health benefits. 

Sports Performance

Sports performance is all about fine margins. To improve your athletic endurance with consistency and longevity, you’ll need to think about every aspect of your training, nutrition and mental state. Our range of sports performance products have been developed to help improve performance in both endurance sport and high intensity exercise, and increase muscle mass and strength. Head to each page to find out which supplement can help you towards your performance goals.


It is well known that probiotics are beneficial to the gut and general health, but these benefits actually have a direct impact on physical performance too, particularly in relation to endurance-based activities. Studies report that supplementing with probiotics can produce positive effects on performance by increasing your carbohydrate metabolism. A key limiting factor for endurance athletes. Pro Bio+ is available as a powder drink mix, capsules or delicious gummies.

Joints and Movement

Naturally, all of us want to stay active and mobile for as long as possible. Injuries can be incredibly disruptive, but they’re all about fine margins. Looking after your joints is integral if you’re an active person and you want to prioritise movement as you age, and also if you want to minimise your risk of injury. Collagen+ has been specially formulated to help improve muscle-joint interaction, help speed up recovery time, and improve athletic performance. All of these benefits help reduce the chance of injury, ensuring you can train without disruption.


  1. Rest+ capsules are designed to promote sleep and recovery. Including 30 days supply this is for night time support.
    Rest+ Capsule
  2. Collagen+ designed to support bone and joint health. 30 days of supply to aid collagen formation.