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Running on Empty? Check out our Energy range

When you’re embarking on a long car journey, there are several essentials you’ve just got to have. From tunes or an inspirational podcast, to sat-nav (or a map if you’re old school) to keep you on the straight and narrow and, most importantly, a full tank of fuel.
Keeping your fuel levels topped up is important for any car journey, but it’s just the same with exercise, too. We need to continuously fuel our bodies to have the energy to get the best out of exercise and achieve peak performance.
Failure to fuel can lead to running on empty, and just like our cars, we’ll be spluttering and breaking down in no time.
Luckily, at SIS, we have a range of energy products to keep your fuel tank full before, during and after training.

Energy to Exercise

It seems pretty obvious that we need the energy to exercise. We know whether we feel energetic enough to exercise or when we feel lethargic due to depleted energy levels.
What we eat plays a major role in the amount of energy we store in our bodies and how we use that energy for physical activity.
A number of different food groups give us the fuel we need for exercise and how much energy we take from each of these groups depends on several factors such as height and weight, age, and intensity of the activity we are doing.
We derive most of our energy from carbohydrates, protein and fat. A lot of the energy we get from our food is stored in our muscles, converting that chemical energy into kinetic energy or motion.
These food groups, along with water that helps with hydration and helps absorb all the nutrients we need, work together to provide us with glucose and maintain good muscle health, which aids the production of more energy.
Think of your body as a battery that needs to both store and use energy. Exercise will deplete your energy reserves much faster than ordinary sedentary living, so it is essential to keep our energy levels ticking over.
With our comprehensive range of energy products, we are confident you can find what you need when you need it.

GO Energy Gels

Our range of gels comes in convenient pouches and a range of delicious flavours. They provide an easily digestible source of carbohydrates, and we have gels that can supply you with whatever energy you need when you need it.
Our GO Isotonic Energy Gels give you energy fast and without excessive discomfort in your stomach due to how easy they are to digest. They were the world’s first isotonic energy gels, and because they can be taken with water, there is no danger of becoming bloated during exercise. They deliver the rapid energy you need to achieve improved performance and come in a range of delicious fruit flavours.
For a fast supply of energy, coupled with a quick pick-me-up, why not try our GO Energy + Caffeine Gels.
These come in double espresso and can improve concentration and alertness when taken 10-15 minutes before exercise.
GO Energy + Electrolyte Gels help to deliver carbohydrates for fast energy and replace electrolytes lost through sweating. This is particularly useful in hotter conditions where you sweat more. Much easier to carry around than a water bottle, they deliver an instant hit of energy and electrolytes, vital for body function.

GO Energy Bakes

GO Energy Bakes are a great way to replenish energy on the go. Easily stored and delicious to eat, they are a convenient way to deliver the quick carb boost needed during prolonged exercise.
It is recommended we consume an additional 60-90g of carbohydrates an hour during prolonged exercise, and each GO Energy Bake gives you a 30g carb hit to keep you fuelled.
Flavours include lemon, banana, strawberry and orange.

GO Energy Bars

You need to be well fuelled before you start exercising, and GO Energy Bars can give you the boost you need to keep your energy levels up. The bars are made with natural fruit ingredients, meaning you get all the goodness of the nutrients without the junk. They taste delicious, and not only are they great at helping you load up with carbs, but they also make a great post-workout snack, helping to replace depleted energy.


Add a little oomph to your water bottle with a scoop or two of our Energy Powders. They deliver high-energy carbohydrates, which can be taken before training to give you the boost you need.
Our powders dissolve quickly in water and can be taken before, during and after exercise. They will help keep your fuel levels ticking over, promoting endurance and high performance.
Our range of Energy powders can provide you with carbs for energy with the option of electrolyte and nitrate powders for the added kick you need to keep ongoing.

Don’t Let Yourself Slip Into the Red

Just like you wouldn’t set off on an important journey without checking your fuel levels, exercising while energy stocks are low will be less effective. Fatigue and dehydration can see performance levels plummet.
Even on those long car journeys, you can always pull into a service station to refuel, and we have the products that will help when your body is in the red.
For fast and effective energy, head on over and check out our energy range. We’re sure you’ll find something to keep you on the road.

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The Performance Solutions Team