Champions Season - Filippo Ganna

Filippo GannaFilippo Ganna


What makes the Giro d’Italia a great race?

I think for the Italian rider it’s the most important race! There’s probably a more important race for the UCI but I’m going to say that because I’m Italian and I like Italy! But seriously, the race is great for the fans. The people in the way give the race a great atmosphere.

What kind of products do you rely on in terms of nutrition?

At the moment I like the Beta Fuel energy gels with the maltodextrin and fructose for training and racing. They give you the immediate energy in the legs you need to spin well.

How does Time Trial racing differ from normal road racing?

I think the difference is just that you are alone, there isn’t any other people, it’s just you and your bike and the coach in the car. Other than that, it’s the same. In both it’s important to spin well so you can get the result.

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