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How did you celebrate? 

Celebration usually begins with some champagne on the podium (if we did well enough!), followed by relaxing with friends usually at the local bar!

How do sailing races challenge you mentally? 

Race lengths in sailing vary, but we’re usually having to concentrate very hard for at least 30 minutes. In this time period, the intensity of thought is incredibly high. Winning in sailing is much to do with reading your environment and decision making better than the competition. At the end of a 3-race day, it’s pretty normal to feel exhausted mentally.

What impact does sports nutrition have on your performance and how do you stay on top of it in a race? 

Sports nutrition enables me to remain powerful, precise, and cognitively on point for longer than I otherwise would. We carry drinks, gels, bars, and snacks in an insulated bag on our coach rib. Between races and training exercises we can go alongside the rib and top up on sports nutrition! It also enables effective recovery after sailing; this accumulates throughout the week and means I can be fresh at the end of a regatta.

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