Over 150 professional clubs trust Science in Sport to deliver scientifically formulated football supplements that fuel match winning moments.

From the Lionesses to current MLS and A-League Champions, SiS provides a range of gels, bars, and powders to ensure you’re always fuelled for the full 90 minutes and beyond.

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  1. Recovery Bundle
    Recovery Bundle
  2. GO Electrolyte Powder
    GO Electrolyte Powder
    3 Flavours
    From £23.19 From £28.99
    Save 20%
  3. GO Energy Bar Mini - 30 Pack
    GO Energy Bar Mini - 30 Pack
    2 Flavours
    From £39.00
  4. GO Energy + Caffeine Gels
    GO Energy + Caffeine Gels
    4 Flavours
    From £13.20
  5. GO Energy + Electrolyte Gels
    GO Energy + Electrolyte Gels
    1 Flavours
    From £60.00
  6. go-isotonic-energy-gels-30-pack
    GO Isotonic Energy Gel
    13 Flavours
    From £5.25 From £10.50
    Save 50%
  7. REGO Rapid Recovery Protein Powder
    REGO Rapid Recovery Protein Powder
    6 Flavours
    From £17.99 From £19.99
    Save 10%
  8. REGO Rapid Recovery Powder - 500g
    REGO Rapid Recovery Powder - 500g
    2 Flavours
    From £19.99
  9. Hydro Tablets
    Hydro Tablets
    9 Flavours
    From £6.40 From £8.00
    Save 20%
  10. 600ml SiS Cycling Drinks Bottle - Wide Neck
    Wide Neck Water Bottle - 600ml
    Save 20%
    Special Price £3.20 Was £4.00
  11. Hydro & Immune Bundle
    Hydro & Immune Bundle
    £24.00 Was £30.00
    Save 20%
  12. SiS GO Electrolyte 1.6kg - Orange
    GO Electrolyte - 1.6kg (Orange)
    Save 20%
    Special Price £23.19 Was £28.99
  13. SIS Mixed Isotonic 20 Gel Pack
    Mixed GO Isotonic Energy Gels - 20 Pack
    Save 50%
    Special Price £16.99 Was £34.00
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23 Products

Tottenham Hotspur and Science In Sport Announce Industry-Leading Partnership

Science in Sport is the Tottenham Hotspur’s first Official Performance Solutions Partner, working closely with the Nutrition and Sports Science teams for the next four seasons.

How NYCFC Fuelled Its MLS Cup Winning Season

New York City FC were crowned Eastern Conference Champions and MLS Cup Winners for the first time in 2021. Discover how the Club's partnership with SiS was instrumental in fuelling the team and introducing changes to the team’s nutrition off the pitch to deliver results on the field.


Congested Fixtures: The Survival Guide

Recovering between games can be challenging, even for professional footballers. During a three game week, players typically have 48 hours of recovery between games. That means physical stress on the body is far greater, increasing the risk of injury and illness. 

Amateur players can often face the same challenges at the end of a season as they’re faced with a bottleneck of fixtures as a result of winter postponements. Find out how SiS football supplements can help you to navigate your way through your congested fixture schedule from our experts.

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