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Train harder and recover faster with Omega 3 

When you’re balancing training with the demands of work and your personal life, it isn’t easy to maintain a balanced diet and consume all of your essential vitamins and minerals.

In fact, studies (1) have shown that most people who eat a Western diet don’t consume enough Omega 3 and that could have a negative impact on health, performance and recovery after training.

But don’t worry, we’ve got all the information you need on the importance of Omega 3, how to get enough of it in your diet, and our world-class Omega 3 supplements that could help you to train harder and recover faster.

Why is Omega-3 important?

Omega 3s are fatty acids that are found in a range of foods such as oily fish (e.g. salmon, mackerel and sardines), as well as nuts and seeds and plant oils.
Omega 3 is essential for maintaining the healthy function of tissues and cells in the body and can also aid heart health, brain function and recovery after exercise and performance.

How will it help my training?

Studies have shown Omega 3 can help you to maintain a healthy weight or hit that personal best (2) by reducing the amount of fat in your blood, known as triglycerides.
Research has also found that Omega 3 can increase blood flow to the heart and lungs which is vital when you’re training hard and want to reach the peak of your physical powers.
Importantly, the use of Omega 3 supplements can also improve lung function during and even after exercise has ended. This could reduce muscle soreness and enable you to recover faster before your next session or race.

Which Omega 3 supplements should I use?

You should always try to get all of your vitamins and minerals from foods but we know that isn’t always possible when you’re busy and on the move, which is where our supplements can help.

Super Strength Omega 3
Take one capsule twice a day to top up your levels of Omega 3 and maintain and support your immune system, boost your cardiovascular system during exercise and reduce muscle soreness after hard bouts of training and competition.

High Strength Omega 3 + Astaxanthin
Our High Strength Omega 3 supplement contains Astaxanthin, which can boost your immune system, reduce muscle soreness after exercise and even improve your performance on the road or track. The effectiveness of Astaxanthin supplementation has been tested on cyclists. A trained group of cyclists using it witnessed a significant improvement in 20km time trial performance and power output following a two-hour steady ride.

Our recommended usage is three capsules per day with food.



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The Performance Solutions Team