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Protein bars have become a staple for athletes and fitness enthusiasts over recent years, with the majority of us understanding that protein is vital for building muscle and repairing the body after subjecting it to wear and tear during exercise. But are protein bars good for you and when should you be reaching for one?  

Protein bars can be a healthy snack to help repair your muscles after a workout, keep hunger at bay or simply offer a healthy treat. However, it’s important to select your protein bar based on your fitness goals. If you’re trying to lose weight, opt for a bar lower in sugar that works with your daily calorie allowance, or if you’re looking to refuel after a workout, go for a protein bar that contains a good amount of carbohydrates. 

Our latest Protein Bar is high in protein, containing 20 grams in a 64g bar, with a low sugar content of just 2.2 grams sugar (depending on flavour) and 24 grams of carbohydrates. Making it ideal for endurance athletes, to help replenish the glycogen you’ve burned during an intense workout.  


What Are the Benefits of Protein Bars? 

  • Due to the high protein content, they can provide a much-needed energy top-up post-workout, or help you feel fuller in between meals. 
  • Often easier to transport than protein shakes – for example, protein bars are unlikely to explode and stain all your gym clothes with a coating of chocolate whey. 
  • As they are a solid food, some people may find them kinder on the bowels than shakes. 


Are protein bars good for weight loss? 

If you use protein bars as part of a weight loss program, they can be a great way to stop you reaching for the snack jar. Protein makes you feel fuller for longer and can be used to quell hunger before and after workouts. You must remember that you need to burn more calories than you consume in order to shed the unwanted kilos. Eating protein bars should never replace a healthy, balanced diet. 

Protein bars v’s chocolate bars 

There’s no competition! As long as you choose a low sugar version, a protein bar will always win against a chocolate bar. They contain many more added nutrients and often a lot less sugar.  

For example, in our Protein Bar we include collagen, which is an amino acid-based protein and a vital component in healthy joints, muscles & skin.  


When should you use a protein bar?  

The Science in Sport protein bar is great for endurance athletes on the go, or those wanting to vary their recovery intake from shakes to bars. Our Protein Bar comes in two convenient 32g servings. 


Fuelled by science, the Protein Bar from Science in Sport is a great way to meet your protein goals, enhance recovery & ensure you continue to push the boundaries of performance. 

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The Performance Solutions Team