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New Go Energy Bakes from SiS are to be enjoyed not endured

According to Strava I’m nearing the two-hour mark as I reach the summit of Widecombe Hill. I’m no pro rider – my pace is slow and steady – but it doesn’t matter. As my legs slowly burn away I’m as much in need of an energy boost as some of the greatest athletes to ever ride the Dartmoor Classic.

I take potluck on one of a handful of energy bar varieties tucked into the back pockets of my jersey. This time it’s an SiS Go Energy Bake, one I’ve been waiting to try. SiS’s Go Energy franchise is one of my favourites, but my usual sustenance is the gels. This time I’m looking forward to actually chewing on something and satisfying my stomach as much as my energy system.

I tear open the packet with my teeth and try to maintain my cadence. My subconscious is telling me not to expect much – having tried so many energy products just like this I know that stylish branding can easily overpromise and deliver something akin to chewing on cardboard, which I always accept as the price I’m forced to pay for the convenience.

Mercifully, though, cardboard this is not. I take a bite and discover that for a baked item with a long expiry date it’s doughy and moist and pleasing to chew. And as soon as the crowd-pleasing fruit-flavoured filling shows up it’s all over – it’s gone in three lip-smacking bites. And it’s surprisingly comforting. When you’re on a long ride you expect to suffer, so these bakes bring welcome comfort during the struggle.

It tastes really good too, of course. This is a no-brainer – nobody wants to eat something that doesn’t taste good – but for me, as long as it’s not horrible, good taste is often a lesser criteria. Why, you ask? Because afternoon tea this is not. Most of the time it’s just about getting it down you. And besides, I need to know more that there’s some substance that comes with the style.

You don’t need to be a sports science graduate to know that depleting your carbohydrate stores during exercise is one of the major causes of fatigue. For longer endurance events you need to take in between 60g and 90g of carbohydrates per hour to keep you going strong.

Energy bars, gels and drinks represent the quickest, most effective and convenient way to do this. In more ways than one natural carbohydrate sources alone don’t cut it. Take a banana with you, for example, and all your carbs will come from a single source – fructose. Each SiS Go Energy Bake has 30g carbs in a scientifically optimised 2:1 ratio of 20g glucose and 10g fructose.

Keeping in mind that our bodies can only absorb 90 grams of carbohydrate in any one hour period, timely destroying two or three of these little beauties will give you the on-the-go energy to outperform those competitors who aren’t as conscientious about their nutrition.

Us cyclists can be a geeky bunch but whatever your sport or event these bakes give you an uncomplicated system of convenience that doesn’t render you a slave to the science.

I’m looking forward to hitting the next hour mark whether I’m hungry or not. I may not ride like Bradley but who needs retro mutton chop sideburns anyway?

The SiS Go Energy Bake comes in four easy to digest flavours – Banana, Orange, Lemon and Strawberry. Discover your next go-to energy snack and shop the range here.

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The Performance Solutions Team