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Why is HYDRATION important?

During intense exercise, you sweat and with this you lose electrolytes. Fluid, along with electrolytes need replacing or you will become dehydrated. As little as a 2% reduction in body weight due to sweat loss can cause dehydration, which is associated with an increase in heart rate and body temperature. This can decrease mental stimulation, concentration and overall performance. Appropriate sodium intake along with fluid can optimise hydration, which is especially important when sweat rates are high.


When do I need to be thinking about HYDRATION?

Starting exercise in a hydrated state can kick start your performance, helping you to maintain hydration throughout an event. When you start exercising, you should aim to replace 500ml – 1000ml of fluid per hour, depending on your sweat rate. Work this out by weighing yourself before and after a tough session. Afterwards, ensure that you replace the fluid that you have lost, plus extra to ensure that you are hydrated. Don’t consume just water, make sure your drink contains essential electrolytes like those in our hydration products.


For more information, watch our video below:


Written By

Ted Munson (Performance Nutritionist)

Ted is a Performance Nutritionist here at Science in Sport.