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Discover five of our favourite products and accessories that would make an ideal stocking filler this Christmas to keep the sporty person in your life very happy indeed. 


Whether they’re a marathoner, track racer or a weekly park-runner, raise their spirits this festive season with the gift of a new water bottle. Not just any bottle, but a running specific one. Our convenient hand-held Elite Running Bottle is designed to be effortless to carry whilst you run making it easy to consume fluids whilst on the go.  


Boost your energy this Christmas with our GO Isotonic Gel Variety Pack which contains 7 delicious, fruity gel flavours all in one box. A great gift for those new to energy gels or someone who wants to mix up their flavours. 

These gels are designed to be consumed without water, meaning that you can ensure rapid delivery of energy to your muscles without feeling bloated and sluggish. Containing 22g of easily digestible carbohydrates which assists with decreasing the onset of fatigue. 


Bulk out their Xmas stocking with our quality Hydro Tablets which any sportsperson is bound to love. Available in both single tubes and packs of 8, with a range of 6 refreshing flavours from Berry to Cola. 

Designed to be consumed before and during exercise, the Hydro is a convenient, great tasting, low calorie electrolyte drink. Simply add a tablet to water to aid hydration, replacing the electrolytes lost through sweat.  


The importance of recovery is so often overlooked, especially by high performing athletes who struggle with rest. Help reduce fatigue and enhance their sporting performance this winter with our REGO Rapid Recovery Powder

Whether the sessions are short and intense or long and endurance-based, our REGO Rapid Recovery Powder replenishes everything you’ve depleted during exercise and helps your body to recover before your next session. This complete recovery product delivers high carbohydrate and protein, as well as electrolytes, vitamins and minerals in a convenient and tasty drink. 


The right gift means everything, and our smart SiS x Bioracer Technical Cycling Cap is the perfect stocking filler for cyclists. Ensure they pedal off fully equipped this festive season. 

Specially designed with cycle clothing manufacturers Bioracer, who have over 30 years of innovation and expertise behind them. This cycle cap is part of our branded merchandise range and is fast-drying, helmet-friendly and designed to be used all year round; from keeping the rain off your eyes and head warm in the winter, to protecting your head from the sun in the summer. A practical gift for all-year round.  

Written By
Science in Sport Team
Science in Sport Team
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