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Whey20: Your New Favourite Protein Snack

Picture this: It’s 3pm. You worked out first thing this morning. Your lunch break is over and you’re back on the grind. Or maybe you didn’t fit in the early session you had planned for today – perhaps you’re just hungry. You could really go for a sweet treat – Enter: WHEY20, your new favourite protein snack.

It comes in three decadent flavours: strawberry & key lime pie, apple raspberry crumble and lemon meringue pie – very much like dessert. But here’s how it’s different: it’s low in sugar, low in fat, low in calories and high in protein.

Let’s break it down. Each Whey20 pouch contains:
· Just seven ingredients
· A one-of-a-kind combination of whey protein concentrate and quark
· 20g protein
· 3.5g fat and 1.9g sugar
· 4.3g BCAA (essential amino acids)

Good reasons to grab a pouch of Whey20:
· It delivers a high-quality protein boost
· The amino acids it contains are building blocks for muscle growth
· You need a snack

When and where should you consume Whey20?
· Half an hour before or after a training session
· Between meals
· For dessert
· On the go
· With your feet up on your couch

This low-fat, low-sugar formula is highly suited to support your muscle growth goals with the unique combination of Velicious™ whey protein and quark powder.

Wondering what quark is? Quark is a source of dairy protein that is low in calories, sugar and fat. Its texture is firm and creamy, and it has a mild flavour. It does not contain rennet, which means it is suitable for vegetarians. Quark also contains calcium, vitamin A and plenty of B-vitamins to support your nervous system.

If you’re a loyal Science in Sport customer, the name Whey20 might ring a bell. This version of the product is brand new and improved. We listened to your feedback and are very pleased with how it turned out. Not only is the nutritional profile on point, but it is cleaner, tastier and easier to consume than ever before.

There is nothing else like this on the market. Whey20 is not your average protein bar, gel, smoothie or shake. It is your new favourite protein snack. Convinced and can’t wait to taste it? Order our three delicious new flavours now.

Top tip: Store your stash of Whey20 in the fridge and thank us later. You can safely store it at ambient temperature, but it tastes even better chilled.

One more note on the packaging – we’re really proud of our progress. We hope you love what we’ve done with the place. Whey20 comes in a convenient pouch with a screw-top lid, so that if you like, you can enjoy half now and save the rest for later. Here’s the exciting part: We’ve just launched “Fuelling the Future” with Enval Ltd., a recycling scheme to care more deeply for our planet. All you have to do is save your empty pouches, pop them in our pre-paid recycling bags and send them to our recycling partner free of charge.

The plastic and aluminium layers of packaging will be separated and processed separately. The aluminium is recovered for reprocessing while the plastic degrades and gets separated into gas and oil. The gas is used to power the plant and the oil will be used for future products or for providing energy. We’ve saved the best for last: nothing goes to landfill. It is our responsibility to protect the planet we live on, and we’re committed to taking steps to do as little harm as possible while providing you with the fuel you need to succeed.

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The Performance Solutions Team