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If you’re familiar with nitrates and know that they can help you level up your training, chances are you take your training seriously. If you haven’t discovered nitrates yet and want to take your training to the next level, let us introduce you to what they can do for you!

What are nitrates and where do they come from? Nitrates can be obtained by consuming leafy vegetables like spinach, rhubarb and beetroot. Nitrate converts to Nitric oxide (NO) and plays an important role in many processes that are essential to exercise performance. Nitrates can be obtained by consuming leafy vegetables like spinach, rocket, rhubarb and beetroot and this can be referred to as dietary nitrate.

Taking a nitrate supplement before or during training can lower the oxygen cost of sub-maximal exercise (i.e., enhances exercise efficiency) and may enhance performance. Athletes that expend less energy and use less oxygen at a high workload are likely to perform better. Supplementing with sport nutrition products rich in nitrates can have a direct impact on your exercise efficiency.

Most nitrate supplements on the market are beetroot-based, while our Performance Nitrates products are derived from rhubarb juice concentrate and amaranthus leaf extract. No beetroot in sight (or taste)! This makes them taste better and more effective. Our products’ unique source of nitrates gives them a better flavour profile than anything else available. The Performance Nitrates range consists of a shot, bar, gel and powder in a range of flavours including strawberry, blood orange and cherry cola!

Greater exercise efficiency = better performance

Here’s what happens when you consume a Nitrate drink, gel or bar:

Ingested nitrates are reduced to nitrite and nitric oxide on your tongue, in your stomach, within your circulation and in your muscles. Nitric oxide enhances the efficiency of your muscle contraction and energy production and increases blood flow to the muscles that need it. This helps you run or ride more powerfully and can reduce your time to exhaustion by up to 20%. Nitrates have also been shown to improve your reaction time by maintaining your cognitive function when the going gets tough in the late stages of your exercise.

The time at which you ingest your nitrate supplements is key. Blood nitrate concentrations peak 1-2 hours after intake while blood nitrite peaks after 2-3 hours. We recommend a dose of at least 500mg before training or racing, or implementing a loading strategy of 1000+ mg of nitrate before a competition. If your event lasts longer than 40 minutes, we also suggest consuming a second dose of nitrate during the activity.

All Performance Nitrate products are designed to be consumed as part of your nitrate-loading strategy or during exercise about 60-90 mins into endurance training to provide energy, maintain elevated levels of blood nitrate and reduce the amount of oxygen your body uses to run fast or cycle powerfully. The entire Performance Nitrates range is allergy-friendly and free from dairy, gluten, nuts and wheat.

Move over beetroot

Our range of products with nitrate sourced from rhubarb juice concentrate and amaranthus leaf extract offers a superior taste profile and delivers a higher dose of nitrates compared to other products out there. They also all taste good. Move over beetroot!

Performance Nitrate Shot

  • Available in Apple and Strawberry
  • 500mg nitrates

Performance Nitrate Powder

  • Available in Pink Grapefruit and Cherry Cola
  • 500mg nitrates

Performance Nitrate Bar

  • Available in Apple and Strawberry
  • 250mg nitrates

Performance Nitrate Gel

  • Available in Apple, Strawberry and Blood Orange
  • 250mg nitrates
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Julia runs her own marketing consultancy, working with businesses and non-profits in education, nutrition, fitness and the arts. She also teaches a blend of HIIT and Pilates she developed and is an avid indoor cyclist. Julia is an advocate of effective altruism and believes in the power of sport to change lives.