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Taylor Spivey Triathlon Pack


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Nutrition is a crucial and misunderstood element of training and racing. Often in endurance sports, there is a stigma that food will hinder your performance, and make you gain weight. But food is fuel. It is like the gasoline that makes the car go. Fueling your body with quality food and at the right times, is an important lesson for all athletes to understand. It gives us energy to recover and push ourselves every day. - Taylor Spivey, Silver Medal Winning World Triathlete.

Fuel like Taylor


1x 6 Pack GO Isotonic Energy - Lemon & Lime

1x 6 Pack GO Energy + Caffeine - Berry

1x 17.6oz GO Electrolyte Powder - Lemon & Lime 

1x 2.2lb Whey Protein - Chocolate

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