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With multiple types of energy gels to choose from, we commonly get asked what type of energy gel you should use and when? So to help, we’ve put together an overview of the different types of energy gels available and when is best to use each during training or competition.


SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel

Our GO Isotonic Energy Gel is simply 22g of carbohydrate from our selected source of maltodextrin. This creates an isotonic formula, which causes minimal stomach discomfort during exercise, but with maximum energy absorption.

· This is the primary gel to consider for any endurance based exercise, or high-intensity exercise

· Use this gel in combination with other SiS GO products to take in 60g of carbohydrate per hour for exercise lasting over 90 minutes. Fuelling every 20 minutes with a gel is a simple way to hit this carbohydrate target and keep performance at its peak with enough readily available energy for the body to perform

· If you’re exercising for under 90 minutes or taking part in high intensity, interval based exercise, consume this gel 15 minutes before for maximum effect


SiS GO Energy Gel + Caffeine


Our Energy + Caffeine (75mg) Energy Gel is based on the same formula as the innovative SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel, with the addition of 75mg caffeine. Caffeine is one of the most researched stimulants in sports science and has been shown to increase alertness and concentration, which may benefit endurance and sprint based performance.



Endurance performance (over 90 minutes):

· Take a 75mg caffeine gel one hour before you are due to finish training or racing to provide increased focus

· Use a 75mg caffeine gel 15-30 minutes before a particularly tough part e.g steep climb

High Intensity exercise lasting under 90 minutes:

· Take a 75mg caffeine gel 15-30 minutes before exercise

· Use a 75mg caffeine gel at half time during team sports like rugby or football


FAQ: Why don’t I just use these gels?

Everybody has an individual tolerance to caffeine. Consume too much caffeine and this could negatively affect performance, depending on the individual. We recommend not consuming over 300mg of caffeine during an event, although some individuals can tolerate more. It’s best to try-out your response to SiS GO Energy + Caffeine Gels in training; as best practice use SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gels as your base and only take our caffeine based energy gels when you need a mental boost.


SiS GO Energy + Caffeine Gel (150mg)

This ‘double strength’ Go Energy + Caffeine Gel is based on the same formula as the innovative SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel, with the addition of 150mg caffeine; double the caffeine for performance, in one gel.


Endurance performance (over 90 minutes):

· Take one 150mg caffeine gel one hour before finishing

High intensity exercise lasting under 90 minutes:

· Take a 150mg caffeine gel 15-30 minutes before exercise

· Use a 150mg caffeine gel at half time during team sports like rugby or soccer


FAQ: When should I use this over the 75mg caffeine gel?

The 150mg caffeine energy gel is designed for individuals who want to see the performance benefit from caffeine in a ‘double strength’ format. Unlike the 75mg gel, the 150mg provides a larger dose of caffeine and should be used when the individual needs a mental boost. It is recommended that this gel is taken towards the end of endurance exercise, with the caffeine effect lasting until the end.


SiS GO Energy + Electrolyte Gel

This Go Energy + Electrolyte Gel is designed to provide 22g of carbohydrate for fast energy as well as key electrolytes for hydration. Electrolytes are lost through sweating and need to be replaced to help prevent a drop in performance from the negative effects of dehydration. Electrolytes also help absorb and retain fluid in the body so that it’s used more effectively. This gel should be especially used during exercise undertaken in higher temperatures.



· Take 1-2 electrolyte gels during exercise where you are sweating heavily, for example, in hot weather conditions

· Still aim to hit 60g of carbohydrate per hour, using electrolyte gels around other SiS GO products e.g SiS GO isotonic Energy Gel


FAQ: If this gel hydrates and provides energy, why not just consume this gel along with sports drinks?

The above approach may run the risk of over-consuming on electrolytes. Whilst they are vital for optimal hydration during sports, too many electrolytes without drinking enough water will actually compromise hydration; since electrolytes work by retaining and absorbing water within the body, a scarcity of water would actually cause them to create an imbalance. Stick to one or two per race. It’s also important to balance carbohydrate intake with electrolytes and fluid. All work hand in hand when it comes to performance.

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The Performance Solutions Team