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Training for a triathlon can be tricky. Training for a triathlon that’s overseas and a unique triathlon course like the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon can be very tricky. Not only are there the three sports to train for (swim, bike, and run), oh and the fourth: nutrition. But, there is also the need to figure out the logistics of that specific course.

Training with FuelU coach Elliot Bach, who has completed the race several times, filled me with confidence. After our initial consult, Elliot immediately started to plan out my personalized training with a focus on the swim. He was incredibly responsive, despite the time difference (me being in Australia and Elliot in the US), answering my many questions almost instantly and giving me a virtual high five or nudge when I needed it. Prior to the race, we also had a final call to establish my race plan to help ensure I’d make the swim leg. And make it? I hit a personal best time that I never thought possible!

Nutrition for a triathlon is something I struggle with. I have always been prone to stitches and an upset tummy so I am very careful with what sports nutrition products I use. Working with Ben from SIS meant for the first time I could actually speak with an expert behind the nutrition I was using to gain a deeper understanding of the product, how it works and how to make it work for me. Ben helped me devise a plan to test out the SIS products throughout training so we could create the best race nutrition plan.

I have absolutely fallen for the Go Hydro tablets as I am terrible at hydrating and I used this product not only in training but when traveling as per Ben’s instruction. I also highly recommend the Beta Fuel for long training rides and runs, and for racing. It has such a high carbohydrate level that I could carry less nutrition on the bike but maintain the same energy.

Having the SIS product on course was also fantastic. I have never purposefully trained with a product that would be on course. Having a product there I knew I could trust meant less to carry with me when traveling and racing.

So the outcome? I am so proud to say I ‘escaped’ and conquered the Escape Alcatraz race with an 11th place in my age group. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Elliot and the SIS team and can’t thank both enough. I hope that SIS continues to support grassroots athletes to help them achieve their goals with programs like this.

Ben Samuels
Written By

Ben Samuels

Ben is a Performance Nutritionist at Science in Sport