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Team ETA is a new racing club that was started in 2018. The team is an offshoot of ETA Coach, LLC, an evidence based coaching company which has been helping athletes achieve their multisport goals since 2006. The idea for the club started when the founding owner, Jason Kilderry, passed away from a rare form of cancer at age 35. Many of Jason’s athletes felt the void as they were embarking on their first season without Jason’s coaching and guidance. To help fill the void, Team ETA was created as a community that offered support and guidance as athletes continued to process their grief. As a result of the positive feedback in 2018, Team ETA will expand its offerings and membership in 2019.

The majority of Team ETA members are from the greater Philadelphia area which means that the weather can always be a challenge. Winters are typically cold and dark and summers often humid, but the team members find ways to motivate each other by posting pictures or workouts on the team’s social media page and meeting at our swim venue for group workouts.

In 2018, the team decided to make 70.3 Atlantic City the team race. It was a great way to bring the team together and honor Jason’s life. They got as many athletes as possible to sign up along with some first timers. One of whom was Jason’s best friend, Jeff Stead. While swimming wasn’t his strong suit, he practiced with the team at the lake with over the summer. On race day, there was a huge group of supporters. They all stood in anticipation at the swim exit, listening to the official’s countdown the swim cut off. Stead rose triumphantly out of the water with minutes to spare. Team ETA went wild and everyone cried. He went on to get two flat tires on the bike, drink a beer on the run course, and still finished with an impressive time and big smile.


Fastest Member: Meg Smith (IG: @meghan_e.s)
Meg is a graduate student at Colorado State University studying exercise physiology and races for the Colorado State Triathlon team. At 70.3 Atlantic City this past fall, Meg finished in the top 10 overall, won her age group and qualified to race at Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice, France in September of 2019. Meg will be heading to Tempe, AZ to compete for the Collegiate Club National Championship with her teammates in early April.

Member with Most Endurance: Coach Nick DeSantis
Assistant coach Nick DeSantis balances being a high school physics teacher, coaching track and cross country, hanging out with his awesome wife Lizzie and raising their twin toddlers, Nick trains and races ultras. This year he has his sights set on qualifying for the Western States Ultra.

Oldest Member: Timmy Gallagher (IG: @timmy.gallagher)
Timmy has been involved in triathlon for the longest out of anyone on Team ETA. He is one of the original triathletes in the Philadelphia / South Jersey area since back in the 80s. Today he is still getting after it and giving guys half his age a run for their money!

● Founded: 2018
● Annual Team Race: Jason Kilderry Swim/Run (Event created in memory of ETA’s founder, Jason Kilderry, who passed away from cancer in December of 2017)
● Weekly Club meets/runs: ETA holds weekly group workouts at their open water swim venue in Medford Lakes, NJ during the summer months.
● Average number of miles per month: 1200
● Group’s Favorite Science in Sport product: Chocolate REGO

Find out more about Team ETA through the links below.
IG: @eta_coach

Ben Samuels
Written By

Ben Samuels

Ben is a Performance Nutritionist at Science in Sport