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2019 Science in Sport Ambassador Highlight

Meet the newest ambassadors to become a part of the Science in Sport #isotonicsquad. These dedicated and passionate athletes embody the brand by constantly pushing the limit, performing with grit, and striving for the excellence. They don’t take training lightly and are incessantly perfecting their nutrition strategy so they can execute on race day. At Science in Sport, we are behind them 100%.

1. Chase McQueen
Sport: Triathlon
IG: @chase_mcqueen
Chase is a 20-year-old triathlete from Columbus, Indiana. He ran track and field and cross country at the University of Arizona. After two years, he transferred to Arizona State to pursue professional triathlon full time.

Science in Sport products have been a crucial part of his training and nutrition over the years and he depends on the Berry Caffeine Gels during workouts. He appreciates the isotonic aspect of the Gels because they’re super easy on the stomach and don’t require water.

2. Gretchen Schoenstein
Sport: Running
IG: @rungrateful
Personal site:
Gretchen’s first race and first half marathon in 2010 and a huge victory for her. In 2006, she was immobilized by an auto immune disease and couldn’t walk for six weeks. Doctors told her she wouldn’t run again and lived the next three and a half years afraid the pain and immobility would return. In early 2010 she decided to prove doctors wrong and signed up to run a half.

Running that first half marathon in 2010 was an incredible triumph. After crossing the line, she stood staring back at the course, marveling at what she just did and what her body could do. Now, 75 half marathons later, she takes nothing for granted and lives her life by the thought, “every step is a gift, every mile an accomplishment, and every finish line a victory.”

She’s come to create a system with the Science in Sport gels when running. She uses the citrus Caffeine Gel before a race and mixes in an Electrolyte Gel every four miles. At mile 10, Gretchen grabs for the Double Espresso Caffeine Gel for a powerful finish.

3. Brice van der Post
Sport: Triathlon
IG: @triathlonjunkie
Personal site:
For Brice, triathlon is more than just a sport – it’s his passion. With a rather difficult youth behind him, triathlon has played a big role in making him the person he is today. With almost 2 years of sobriety, his goals for this year are becoming an IRONMAN age group champion and qualifying for the IRONMAN World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Brice is more than grateful to have the support from Science in Sport. He’s constantly popping a Hydration Tablet in his water bottle throughout the day to remain hydrated before, during, and after training.

4. Lyle Mitchell
Sport: Trail Running
IG: @lylexmitchell
Lyle is an ultra-distance trail runner and full-time student from Asheville, NC. His first ultra-run was actually a spur of the moment overnight 50k with a random group of friends, running along the Mountains to Sea Trail. He had no idea what he was getting into as they began their run at 9 pm, not finishing until 5:45 am – after that, he was hooked.

When on trail, he can’t go without the Salted Strawberry Science in Sport Gels. One of the most important things he’s discovered through his training is how crucial strength training is. “Learn from somebody that knows what they’re doing and get to it,” Lyle declares.

5. Justin Butsavage
Sport: Track Cycling
IG: @jbutsavage333
Personal site:
Justin first raced in the racing league at his local velodrome. His favorite type of race to do is the Madison race on the track because of the tactics and technique that are involved with it. His favorite Science in Sport product is the Citrus Caffeine Gel because he loves the flavor and it gives him a bit of a kick at the end of criterium or road race.

His website where he does blog posts and has more information is:
(Photo credit to Jean-Marc Wiesner/Foundation for American Track Cycling)

6. John Taglieri
Sport: Triathlon
IG: @johntaglieri
Personal site:
John is an NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, an ASFA Run Coach and Sports Nutritionist, and a Triathlete. He fell in love with Triathlon and did his first race in 2012 at the Key West Triathlon. He loves the challenge of having to train and be consistent at three different disciplines…swim, bike and run. The sport constantly tests his abilities and creativity with training

Science in Sport Isotonic Gels have become a staple of his training and race day and loves the Energy Gars after a race. For training, he encourages people to grab a calendar. All effort can go to waste if it’s not planned right.

7. Ivette Mejia
Sport: Running
IG: @1vettemejia
Ivette is an elite distance runner chasing an Olympic dream. She races the mile to the half marathon, loving any and all distances, but is currently focusing on the 10,000m. She focuses on her recovery and integrating it into routines.

When asked about what motivates her, Ivette reveals, “Being a single mom, having a fulltime job, and being a fulltime athlete has helped me view life in a unique way. It helped me believe. When times were tough, I held on even tighter to my dreams, took a deep breath and reminded myself that all is temporary. The key is patience.”

In order to get the best long run or workout, she chooses to use the Cherry Science in Sport Gel because it brings back memories of her favorite childhood dessert – Cherry Jell-O.
(Photo credit: Michael Scott)

8. Travis Vance
Sport: Triathlon
IG: @travisvancetri
Personal site:
Travis is a lifelong athlete who started racing triathlon in 2013. Since then, he has qualified for 70.3 and Ironman World Championships on several occasions. While training and racing, he also coaches other athletes to help them reach their full potential in the sport.

His favorite Science in Sport product is a tie between the Tropical Gels and the Banana Fudge Bars.

9. Ryan Irwin
Sport: Triathlon
IG: @irwinusa
Ryan is a triathlete currently living and training in Copper, Texas. He’s spent six years on active duty in the Navy doing Nuclear Reconnaissance. In July 2017, Ryan was featured on the first season of NBCSN’s Next Olympic Hopeful reality television show for Skeleton. He made Team USA for Skeleton and continues to compete in the winter sport and triathlon full time. He’s also qualified for the Multisport World Championships in Spain set for late April/early May.

Science in Sport is with Ryan everywhere he goes, especially the Banana Fudge Bars and Salted Strawberry Gels.

10. Ce’Aira Brown
Sport: Track Running
IG: @ceairachristine_
Athlete Profile:
Ce’Aira is a track athlete from Philly and currently living in New York. She’s lighting fast on the 800m, clocking in at 1:58.01 and recently joined the sub-4:30 mile club on March 4, 2019 with a time of 4:28:12.

Her favorite Science in Sport product is the Go Electrolyte Powder. It helps her keep super hydrated during every workout. She even takes some before a race because it gives her that fast acting energy she needs to perform well.

Ben Samuels
Written By

Ben Samuels

Ben is a Performance Nutritionist at Science in Sport