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November Club of the Month – Streets 101

Club Facts:
Based: New York, NY
Members: 50 and counting
Founded: 2018

Streets 101 is a NYC-based running team for runners of all abilities. We believe that runners are stronger together and we aim to create an environment that is based on effort and commitment, driving our runners to push their own limits while sharing in each other’s successes. We set individual goals for each runner to chase, encouraging runners to break out of their weekly routine. We strive to make an impact on the Streets of NYC with every run!

Since Streets 101 was founded, we have taken on both the sanctioned and unsanctioned running scene in the city. Our biggest achievement thus far is our Saturday long run. Every Saturday, anyone is welcome at Streets 101. Our goal is community engagement, and we encourage unaffiliated runners and runners from other teams to join us. These runs are often either destination runs or sponsored runs. Streets 101 is all about growing together and becoming better as we do it.

Our team is a huge fan of SiS products; our favorites being the electrolyte powder and the isotonic gels. They taste great and work great for long runs, workouts and race day hydration and fueling.

NYC has a wide variety of running routes and opportunities. You are bound to have an exciting run that offers something different no matter where you run. We enjoy crossing over some of the bridges that connect Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, which give you optimal hill training and some of the best views you can get of the NYC skyline.

We host a number of destination runs throughout the year, including breweries and other entertaining locations, including one of our favorites, Rockaway Beach. Rockaway Beach is a good long run destination as there are plenty of surf clubs in the area that provide us with a spot to grab a cold beer and some food while we relax post-run.

Streets 101 meets three times a week: two speed sessions during the week for team members and an open run on Saturdays. We meet Tuesday nights and Thursday morning at our home base, Custom Performance. Saturdays vary depending on our run duration and destination.

To find out more about the team, their calendar, and goals, check out their website:

Ben Samuels
Written By

Ben Samuels

Ben is a Performance Nutritionist at Science in Sport