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Why is REBUILD important?

During intense conditioning exercise muscle fibres tear, which is what causes muscle soreness. Muscle fibers are made from amino acids known the building blocks of protein. Muscle protein synthesis is the process of rebuilding these muscle fibers. Consuming high quality protein with a full amino acid profile can help initiate protein sytethesis. The more efficient protein synthesis is, the faster muscles are able to rebuild, so you are able to go again, harder.

When do I need to be thinking about REBUILD?

The more active you are, the more protein you need in your diet to help rebuild and prevent muscle breakdown. Your metabolism stays high for up to 30 minutes after exercise, which is known as the ‘training window’ and is the ideal time to absorb high quality protein to initiate muscle rebuild. To keep protein synthesis active throughout the day, we recommend that you consume 20-25g of protein every 3-4 hours. Consuming a slow digesting protein before bed can help you rebuild while you sleep, which is when the majority of protein synthesis takes place.

For more information, watch our video featuring Sir Chris Hoy:

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Ted Munson (Performance Nutritionist)
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Ted Munson (Performance Nutritionist)

Ted is a Performance Nutritionist here at Science in Sport.