Rebuilding your muscles after they have been damaged during training and races is essential for endurance athletes. Our range of proteins is designed to suit every goal, budget, and taste, including Whey Protein, our premium Advanced Isolate, great tasting Overnight Protein, and our delicious Energy + Protein Bars.

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  1. REGO rapid recovery powder chocolate flavor
    REGO Rapid Recovery Protein Powder
    5 Flavours
    From $21.60
    Save 20%
    From $27.00
  2. SIS REGO Rapid Recovery Powder chocolate flavor tub image
    REGO Rapid Recovery Powder -17.6oz
    2 Flavours
    From $21.60
    Save 20%
    From $27.00
  3. 700ml Protein Shaker
    700ml Protein Shaker
    Save 71%
    Special Price $2.00 Was $7.00