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Need State: Energy

Want to avoid hitting the wall? Managing your energy stores is key - find out how & what you need to think about to be at your best.

Why is ENERGY important?

Carbohydrate is the main fuel source for high intensity exercise and is stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen. When you exercise, this carbohydrate is broken down into glucose and transported to the muscles to be used as energy. You will not be able perform at your best without sufficient carbohydrate stores and you could ‘hit the wall’.

When do I need to be thinking about ENERGY?

Load up with carbohydrate in the days and hours before an intense event to maximise your energy stores. These energy stores last for up to 90 minutes during exercise. To avoid depleting these stores, take on energy early when you know you’re in for a tough session. The body can absorb up to 60-90g of carbohydrate per hour, so use GO products to hit this energy requirement and perform at your best.

Key Products:

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