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September Club of the Month: Low Bicycles

Proud to be fueling USA Cycling Clubs.

Club Facts

Based: San Francisco

Members: 13

Formed: 2015

San Francisco based Low Bicycles Team was the brainchild of local bike manufacturer Andrew Low and cycling enthusiast and racer Tym Lang. 

With a range of handmade, high-quality racing frames ready to ride, Low was looking for a team to race them, and Lang was just the person to put it together.  Made up of mainly friends and personal contacts, the Low Bicycles Team formed fast, and with a range of new aluminium frame bikes, and a race calendar already planned, they began training as a team.

What has been formed, is a 13-man strong team, all of whom are as cool as the slick bikes they ride.  It’s fair to say the team represents a true passion for the sport.  Their ethos and culture is centred around the concept of ‘racing for the sake of racing’.  It might be a borrowed line (David Miller, Cannondale Pro Cycling), but the Low Bicycles Team is truly authentic, from the bikes they use, to the importance they place on local culture and San Francisco being at the heart of everything they do.  It’s refreshing to meet a group of riders who compete at an elite level, but still maintain an amateur ethos of cycling – it’s not about the winning, it’s about the taking part, and if you have the passion, the winning will come.


And with a long list of recent achievements, their passion as individuals and team riders speaks for itself:

  • Christopher's win at the Red Kite Criterium is definitely a highlight of the team’s 2017 racing calendar.  A typical team LOW trait, he did it in style, attacking and lapping the field
  • The team’s first race in 2016, Pine Flat RR, saw success with Tym getting 4th in the Pro/1/2 Category and Christopher getting 2nd in what would be one of his final races as a Category 3
  • At the 2017 San Rafael Twilight Criterium, arguably the team’s biggest race of the year, their sprinter John Franz took 3rd in the field sprint to snag 5th place

  • Meet the riders:

    Tym: “I love the REGO Rapid Recovery and I’m so happy the new formula is vegan friendly.”

    Naveen: “Science in Sport GO Energy Gels are super easily digestible, especially when doing a stage race and you’re consuming lots.”

    Jesse: “Nothing makes racing easier than knowing we as a team are out there representing handmade rolling pieces of art.” 

    Christopher: “The Citrus flavored GO Caffeine Isotonic Gel has been a serious game changer for my race nutrition.”

    Riley: The Isotonic Gels are my go to fuel for hard races.”

    Favorite ride:

    Alpine Dam/Pantoll Loop – 109km with 1815m climbing

    Pasted image at 2017_09_06 02_33 PM

    Ride highlights:

    • Golden Gate Bridge (km 10.7) – Depending on what time of day it is, you might not see much from the world’s most iconic bridge.  But on a fog free day it offers panoramic views of the city, the bay and the Pacific Ocean.  
    • Stinson Beach (km 67.7) – This beach town might not have cell phone reception, but it does have a pretty long stretch of white sand beach and a nice local market to stock up on supplies.
    • Col du Pantoll (km 68.3) – Pause for a moment to take in the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean as you climb up into the trees on Mount Tamalpais.  At the very top is the ranger station that gives this climb its name.

    Favorite coffee shop:

    The team always meets at Four Barrel Coffee in the Mission to kick off pretty much all their rides.  As a local San Francisco roaster, it’s their favorite coffee spot in the city, and a much-loved haunt by San Franciscans in general.  It’s got a well-designed bicycle parking area out front and makes a killer espresso.

    375 Valencia St.


    image002 (1) (1)

    Club Meets:

    The team meets on either Wednesdays or Saturdays for an 80-mile ride.  Riders of a similar level are welcome to join (a little bit above endurance pace) and can find out about upcoming rides through social media, word of mouth and personal invites, if you’re one of the lucky ones!

LOW_Bicycles_Team (1) (1)

It’s safe to say these guys are serious cyclists, taking on about 130km during their weekly training rides and riding a little bit above endurance pace.  Often their rides are for team members only, so they can bond and spend time as a group, but they’re open to other riders joining when possible, as long they’re of a similar pace.  They don’t want people lagging behind, but equally they don’t want people racing off ahead.  Sure, they peel off occasionally and smash it up the hills, but when they’re out as a team, they’re riding as a team, and riding for the love of the sport.  Regular rides include some Bay Area classics such as the Valley Ride up into Los Altos Hills, the Fairfax Roasters ride and the Sunnyvale Spectrum ride.

Low Bicycles:

Low Bicycles is a small, San Francisco based manufacturer of high quality, handmade aluminium bicycle racing frames.  All frames our built in Andrew Low’s 500 square foot workshop in the Mission district. 

650 Florida Street, Suite F, San Francisco

For more information about the LOW Bicycles Team, it’s members, social media details and race calendar, visit www.lowbicycles.com/team.

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