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What Fuels U.S. Triathletes?

Find out more about why USA Triathlon chose Science in Sport

USA Triathlon has chosen Science in Sport to fuel its USA Triathlon and USA Paratriathlon National Team members and USA Triathlon National Championship participants through 2020. As makers of USA Triathlon’s Official Energy Gel and Bar, Science in Sport will provide these products along with world-class knowledge to triathletes across the U.S. Take a look at why energy is important for top U.S. triathletes, along with the products that will help meet their nutritional demands.

“As a whole I am a huge fan! Overall, I have been very impressed with the Science in Sport products. I've been using all different types of the Science in Sport products the past month and a half in training and racing.”
- Kevin McDowell, USA Triathlon National Team Member and 2017 Elite National Champion

Triathletes use carbohydrate as the main fuel source for high intensity swims, rides and runs. This carbohydrate is broken down into glucose and transported to the muscles to be used as energy.  Science in Sport uses a specific maltodextrin within its energy range that digests rapidly, minimizing gastric distress for the athletes. This is why Science in Sport have the world’s first Isotonic Energy Gel.


Key Products:

GO Isotonic Energy Gel:

The worlds first Isotonic energy gel, this product is designed to digest rapidly to get to the athletes’ muscles fast. This gel provides 22g of carbohydrate, without the need to take with water.


GO Energy + caffeine Gel:

This gel uses the same innovative formulation as the GO Isotonic Energy Gel, with the addition of 75mg of caffeine to help give triathletes a mental edge to push them through.

GO Energy + Electrolyte Gel

The addition of electrolytes to the famous GO gel provides the perfect solution to warm-weather training and racing. U.S. triathletes are encouraged to consume 1-2 GO Energy + Electrolyte gels during prolonged sessions to replace electrolytes that are lost through sweating. product_Go energy+electrolyte gel_lemon & mint_768x768This still provides 22g of carbohydrate for energy, making this gel the perfect solution to hit both energy and electrolyte needs.

“I have been using Science in Sport Energy gels a lot the past month to make sure they would be ok to race with. I had no issues during training and found them extremely easy to digest. I used this product in my last two races and I found it extremely helpful. No stomach issues, and what I really liked was they were more liquidy and didn't require water after taking, as sometimes it can be hard during racing to immediately take in water after consuming a gel.” - Kevin McDowell

“A very unique product, the texture is very unexpected in the context of traditional gels. I very much like that water is not necessary as is the case with other gels, and also that consistency allows ‘taking’ the gels to be very seamless. They go down easy.”
- Chelsea Burns, USA Triathlon National Team Member

GO Energy Bar

The GO Energy Bar makes the ideal snack for fueling and preparing for long sessions.  GO Energy Bars are hand rolled, made from oats, fruits and maltodextrin, providing a great source of carbohydrates. The 40g serving size is ideal for jerseys and carrying while triathletes perform.

This is a very satisfying bar. I find the simple ingredients, size and texture to be great for having post-workout or in a hunger pinch. Much better than many artificial or nearly-candy tasting energy bars that exist in this market.” - Chelsea Burns
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“I enjoy the bars and liked the consistency of them. I feel like they are made up of more real food which is something I really appreciate about the food. I used them a lot for cycling and to travel.”
- Katie Zaferes, 2016 U.S. Olympian and 2017 ITU World Triathlon Series bronze medalist

The size of the bars are compact/portable and convenient for travel. I often find it challenging to try to squeeze enough bars into a ziploc bag but I didn't have that problem this time!” - Summer Cook, USA Triathlon National Team Member

“This is one of my favorite products. I use the bars a lot when I have quick turnarounds between sessions and want something more than just liquid calories. They are very digestible and I also like them on the bike. They make great snacks as well.”
- Kevin McDowell

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