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Complete Recovery Bundle

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    Product Overview

    Key Features REGO Rapid Recovery Powder:
    Optimal protein serving size of 20g with 2g of leucine to promote the rebuilding of muscle tissue use after exercise to replenish your energy stores fast Ideal for lactose intolerant individuals.

    Key Features REGO Cherry Juice:
    Montmorency cherries are a specific variety of sour cherry, which gives the natural tart flavour. Cherry juice research is linked to improved recovery, reductions in delayed onset muscle soreness, reduced inflammation and improved sleep.

    Key Features 700ml Shaker:
    The Science in Sport shaker features the unique Easy Mix System. This has been designed to deliver fast and accurate mixing. The Easy Mix System enables you to pour specific amounts of Science in Sport powder directly into the shaker by using the pre-determined marks printed on the outside of the shaker.

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