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Ben Kanute Triathlon Pack

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Fuel like Ben Kanute with GO Electrolyte Powder - Raspberry, GO Energy + Caffeine - Berry, Beta Fuel - Lemon & Lime, and REGO Rapid Recovery - Chocolate.
Beta Fuel - 12 Pack-Lemon & Lime   + $0.00
REGO Rapid Recovery 17.6oz - Chocolate   + $0.00
GO Energy + Caffeine Gel 60ml 6 Pack - Berry   + $0.00
GO Electrolyte 17.6oz - Raspberry   + $0.00

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Ben Kanute Triathlon Pack
Ben Kanute Triathlon Pack

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    Nutrition plays a key role in training and racing. It is the fuel in the engine, and I want the highest quality fuel. A good nutrition plan helps me be ready for anything my coach puts on the schedule, and anything that is thrown at me in a race. - Ben Kanute, Escape from Alcatraz Champion 2017-2019

    Fuel like Ben featuring:

    1x 17.6oz GO Electrolyte Powder - Raspberry

    1x 6 Pack GO Energy + Caffeine - Berry

    1x Beta Fuel 12 Pack - Lemon & Lime 

    1x 500g REGO Rapid Recovery - Chocolate

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