Product Information

1. Are Science in Sport products suitable for vegetarians and vegans? Which products are Gluten free?

  • Most of our products are suitable for vegetarians. The only products that may not be suitable for vegetarians are the Protein Bars in both Chocolate & Peanut and Mint Chocolate flavours. Only GO Electrolyte powder, GO Energy powder, GO Hydro and GO gels (including isotonic energy and all specialty gels) are suitable for vegans. Please see our table below for further allergen information:
ProductVegetariansVegansLactose FreeGluten FreeWheat FreeNut FreeSoya Free
GO Energy Powder
GO Electrolyte Powder
GO Electrolyte + Caffeine Powder
GO Isotonic Energy Gels
GO Isotonic Energy + Caffeine Gels (75mg)
GO Energy + Caffeine Gels (150mg)
GO Energy + Electrolyte Gel
GO Energy Bar
GO Hydro
GO Hydro + Caffeine
GO Caffeine Shot
REGO Rapid Recovery
Whey Protein
Protein Bar
Overnight Protein
Advanced Isolate +
BCAA Powder
L-Glutamine Powder
REGO Rapid Recovery Plus
GO Energy + Immune Gels
GO Energy + Caffeine Bars


2. When should I use GO Electrolyte rather than GO Energy or GO Hydro?

  • Fluid is best absorbed when delivered as part of a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink, so GO Electrolyte is the primary option for hydration and energy in events longer than 90 minutes.
  • GO Energy can be used in cooler conditions when your sweat rate is lower, or before endurance activity as part of a carbohydrate loading regime. GO Hydro does not contain any energy, so it could be used in conjunction with GO Energy or for sessions lasting less than one hour when no additional carbohydrate is required.

3. When should I use REGO Rapid Recovery versus Whey Protein?

  • The main difference between the two products is the carbohydrate content. REGO Rapid Recovery has 25g of carbohydrate and 20g of protein per serving. It is best to use it for after training sessions which have significantly depleted your glycogen stores, such as long endurance or high intensity sessions.
  • Whey Protein contains 23g protein per serving, with less than 2g each of carbohydrate or fat per serving. This makes it a convenient source of high quality protein with very little else, ideal for supporting your lean muscle mass.

4. Are Science in Sport products suitable for Diabetics?

  • All products can be used by diabetics if they take account of the carbohydrate content and build it into a nutritional strategy. Please speak to your GP if you are unsure.

5. Are GO Isotonic Energy gels designed to replace isotonic drinks?

  • No, they were designed to make it easy for an athlete to take an energy boost that is convenient during exercise and light on the stomach. More concentrated gels, particularly those which contain simple sugars such as glucose and fructose are more likely to cause gastric distress. No additional water is needed to help the absorption of GO Isotonic gels, but you should still drink to remain hydrated during your activity.

6. Can I mix REGO Rapid Recovery or Whey Protein with milk rather than water?

  • It is not recommended to do so. Mixing it with milk will completely change the behaviour of the product. The products have been designed to provide a source of rapidly digested protein to aid recovery as quickly as possible. Milk is 80% casein, which is a slowly digested protein. That is why we use it in our Overnight Protein Recovery Product to provide a source of slowly digested protein as you sleep.

7. What are the differences between REGO and REGO Plus?

  • The main differences between REGO and REGO Plus are the carbohydrate content per serving, protein source used and addition of glutamine. REGO contains 22g of carbohydrate whereas REGO Plus contains 40g of carbohydrate.
  • Both REGO and REGO Plus deliver a protein dose required to promote maximal rates of muscle protein synthesis. REGO is formulated using Soy Protein & added Leucine and REGO Plus is formulated using Whey Protein & added Leucine
  • REGO Plus also includes 5g of added Glutamine

8. What are the use by dates on your products?

  • The use by dates on some of our products are a minimum of 6 months from the date of purchase - with the exception of WHEY20 which has a minimum of 3 months (from the date of purchase). Our gels/bars have 3 months shelf life while tablets have 4.5 months and powders have 6 months.

9. Are all of your products informed sport tested?

  • All of our products are Informed Sport tested. Most of our products are tested under the unique Triple Testing method that provides unrivalled confidence for our athletes. For further information, please see our Informed Sport information page.

10. Do you use any sweeteners in your products?

  • We use some sweeteners in various products across our range. Those used are Aspartame, Acesulfame K and Sucralose either singularly or in combination with each other. All of these sweeteners have been heavily tested, as with all aspects of our products, and are completely safe for consumption. For further information, full nutritional breakdowns and ingredients can be found on each product page.

For further detailed information on our products or nutritional advice, please visit the 'Our Expertise' section of our website.

Order Information

1. What is Science in Sport Premier?

  • Science in Sport Premier is a subscription that gives you unlimited next day delivery for a whole year, as well as other benefits including a free gift and early access to new product launches - for full details of this, please see our Science in Sport Premier page.

2. Do you charge for delivery?

3. Can I change my order details after it has been placed?

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to amend orders after they have been placed. This includes changing the products ordered, the delivery option, delivery address details or payment methods.
  • If you need to change any of the details please cancel your order and place a new one instead. You can cancel your order by getting in touch with our friendly customer service team using any of the methods here. If you do wish to cancel an order, you must contact us on the same day your order is placed, as after this time we will be unable to prevent the order from being dispatched.
  • If you do not cancel your order in time, you can return the products to us for a refund.

4. At the current moment for our UK deliveries we use Hermes.

5. Will I get a dispatch email when my order is dispatched?

  • Yes, we will send you an email as soon as your order has left our warehouse so that you know it's on the way.

6. How long will it take for me to receive my order?

  • For orders made with standard delivery, the time it takes for you to receive your delivery will vary by location. The following explains the breakdown of this:

    UK (Inc. Channel Islands & Isle of Man): 3-5 Working Days EU: 5-7 Working Days Rest of World: 7-10 Working Days

  • For orders made with the Next Day delivery option selected (where available), as long as the order is place before 7pm (weekdays) / 1.30pm (weekends) you will receive your goods on the following day. Full details are available on our deliveries & returns page.

7. Does the courier specify a time that I will receive my order?

  • Our couriers do not have a specific time for delivery. Delivery attempts are likley to be made between 9am & 6pm.

8. Can I use more than one discount code on a single order?

  • Only 1 discount code can be used per order. If more than 1 code is applied the the code offering the larger discount will usually take priority but it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the correct code is used. The code currently in use will display in the 'Apply Discount Code' box after it has been applied to aid with identification. To cancel this code, click the 'Cancel' button.

9. Can I use my discount code on products that are on special offer?

  • Discount codes do not apply to products that are on special offer. Where a basket contains a mixture of full-priced products and those on special offer, the discount will only apply to the full-priced products. All products deemed to be on Special Offer can be identified by looking at the 'Special Offers' section of the website which can be located in the main menu.

10. How would I go about returning my order?

  • If you would like to return your order you can send it back to us, within 14 days of you receiving the goods. The goods must be unopened and in the same condition they were received in - any items returned in conditions that do not meet this criteria will not be refunded and will not be sent back to you. To return the goods, first contact our friendly customer service team via email at [email protected] to arrange the return. Unfortunately we are not able to cover the cost of return postage.
  • For full information on our returns policy, please see our deliveries & returns page.