Strava x Beta Fuel Bundle


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Product Overview

Our Beta Fuel bundle is designed to fuel your Strava challenge, enabling you to go faster for longer.

With our new and improved 1:08 ratio, our world leading Beta Fuel range has been researched and developed for endurance athletes across running, cycling and triathlon. A complete fuelling solution that increases your power output and improves your carbohydrate usage efficiency. The future of fuelling is here!

Your Strava Beta Fuel bundle includes:

15x Beta Fuel 80 Powder – 80g carbohydrate to fuel your biggest efforts
6x Beta Fuel Gel – Fast and efficient way to take on 40g carbohydrate
6x Beta Fuel+ Nootropics Gel – 40g carbohydrate with added ingredients to enhance cognitive function
6x Chew Bar – Flexible, convenient and great tasting with 46g carbohydrate in each bar

Benefits of the enhanced maltodextrin: fructose ratio of 1:0.8, include:

  • 17% increase in energy efficiency
  • Enhanced power output during max efforts
  • Reduced stomach fullness & gastrointestinal distress