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Pushing yourself hard in training is vital to improve your performance but if you don’t sleep enough then you won’t recover properly and reap the benefits of all your hard work.

It’s during deep sleep that growth hormone is secreted, which is vital for repairing muscles after a hard session, but without it you may feel sore in the morning and recover more slowly.

A host of factors can affect your sleep at night, for example training and performing shortly before bedtime, caffeine intake, as well as the stresses of daily life.

If you want to maximise the quality of your sleep, our Rest + supplement could help you to get a good night’s sleep, so that you recover faster and train and perform at your best.


Rest +


What’s the product?

Rest + contains cherry extract, which provides a natural source of melatonin, the hormone that helps us to fall asleep and regulates our sleep-wake cycle.

Cherry extract also provides antioxidants, while the presence of magnesium, another substance that can aid sleep, means each dose is crammed with sleep inducing goodness.

Even better, it’s available in juice and capsule form so you can decide your preference.

How will it help?

We’re often told to get eight hours of sleep per night but that isn’t always easy when you’re juggling training, travelling or even getting up at night to care for children.

Rest + is designed to boost the quality of your sleep so even if you don’t manage to get your full eight hours the sleep you do get will at least be of sufficient quality.

When should I take it?

We advise incorporating this supplement into your bedtime routine. Unlike other supplements that require loading, Rest + should have a swift effect and help you to get a good night’s rest.

The product has been designed with athletes in mind who often have to travel between different time zones but it is also effective for the everyday athlete with ongoing sleep issues.

Written By

Alec Fenn | Health and Fitness Journalist and Copywriter

Alec has been interviewing athletes and coaches and writing about health, fitness and nutrition since 2010. He's contributed to a host of national publications including BBC Sport, FourFourTwo magazine, The Independent and the Daily Mail. As an amateur sportsman and avid gym-goer he has a passion for finding out how sports nutrition can help athletes reach peak performance.