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Return to Form with Freddy Ovett

As a professional gravel rider, you get used to dealing with bumps in the road, but when that bump comes in the form of an unexpected crash and it derails the start of the season it can be a big blow. Luckily, Freddy Ovett has overcome a tough few weeks and is ready to take to the start line once again. It hasn’t been easy and like many of us who face a crash, getting back on the bike can be daunting but he shares with us how he’s battled his way back to racing.  



Often known for its benefits throughout those colder days and horrendous conditions, Zwift has been adopted by riders for years. However, Freddy used the powers of the cycling community to help him get back on the saddle, as Zwift played a pivotal role in helping him regain his racing legs. “It’s an incredibly engaging platform both physically and socially,” he states. After some initial time to let his injuries heal, Freddy admits he was “joining as many races as possible to keep my mind constantly thinking and active”. As is the power of indoor training, you can control the elements, and being able to not worry about reinjuring yourself or worrying about external factors, meant all the attention could go into training!  

For Freddy, his rehab was completed through joining groups rides and races, as he says he’s “never been someone who just rides alone on Zwift. I seek out races always and have really enjoyed chatting with some people about my comeback and the support has been amazing to see”.  



Alongside training, recovery and nutrition are essential components to coming back stronger and for this, Freddy has been testing out some of the new SiS LAB products. Primarily developed by Science in Sport’s Performance Solutions team, designed to both service elite teams and athletes and drive the innovation pipeline of our commercial range. Having access to the best nutrition products in the world “has been crucial during my entire recovery post-crash,” he elaborates. 



Just like nutrition, the mental side of recovering from a heavy fall takes time and it affects all riders differently, for Freddy “It’s all about what can be done and not what can’t be done,” he tells us. Taking a bidon half-full approach to everything, Freddy was scouting potential races and using them as motivation to drive him back into the saddle. It’s an approach that might help many others who’ve faced similar crashes. Set a goal and use that as the driving force.  



Returning with a bang, Freddy clinched a Top 10 at the UCI Gravel World Series – Millau Grands Causses in mid-June despite a few mechanical issues out on course. All roads are now leading to Crusher in the Tushar over in Utah in July, where Freddy will load up bottles and back pockets with BETA Fuel to take on some of the best gravel riders in the world.  

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